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In the smart phone-obsessed world, mobile app usage increases approximately 6% every year and around 82% of internet users in the US use mobile devices for making purchases online. While mobile devices are becoming the most preferred way of exploring products and shopping online. The rise of eCommerce sellers is mostly due to convenience longing customers.

It is estimated that United States mobile commerce will be surpassing the $420 billion mark by 2021, therefore making it even more crucial for the businesses to have a mobile application. Selecting the right app is not a piece of cake, it requires thorough research. While, as a generic suggestion, before investing in a mobile app development service for your business, entrepreneurs should have a look at the current trends in order to make informed decisions. With the rapidly increasing expectations of the customers, customer retention isn’t the easiest of things unless you develop a mobile app to analyze user behavior.

Is Mobile App exactly what you need?

Developing a mobile app for your digital marketplace can be one of the best decisions you can take. As the first step in the right direction and increasing the marketplace’s reach to an entirely new level. While, once you’re firm on the decision to have a mobile app for your business, the next step would be to choose what sort of app you must develop for your marketplace. The tough fight lies between having a Native or Hybrid App.

Introduction to Native & Hybrid Apps

  • Native Apps

Native Apps are software programs that are developed to cater to a specific platform or device. These applications can provide optimized performance by leveraging the latest technology other hardware features.

  • Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps are the applications or web pages that are developed by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which are wrapped in an application for native browsers including WebView for Android.

Why choose Native Apps?

Thinking about any app on your phone, there is a high probability that the ones you’re having are mostly native apps because the native application is the ones that reside on your phone. Native apps are comfortable with a particular operating system. Ab app which is developed for the iOS platform would not be compatible with an android device. For the eCommerce owners, in order to understand the technology, iOS apps are developed using Swift or Objective-C languages while Android Apps make use of Java or Kotlin. While coding for iOS is done on Xcode, and Android apps are built on Android Studio.

Benefits of Native Apps

Developing a Native App has numerous advantages-

  • Great Performance
  • Quick permissions and Functionalities for App download
  • Quick push notifications
  • Easy compatibility

Why choose Hybrid Apps?

A hybrid app is a combination of native and web apps, it can be installed exactly like a native app but it’s still a web app in actuality. Hybrid apps run on a simplified browser like a review and like their web-based counterparts. They are built using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. While the basic purpose of having a hybrid app is quite different from having a native app. Hybrid applications are a sort of experimental step for eCommerce marketplace owners who’re not firm if their target audience will be liking their mobile app or not. An eCommerce marketplace owner can get a hybrid app that is created without consuming a lot of time and money. Through this process, business owners will get a rough idea about their mobile application’s popularity and understand the app interface (if it is smoothly understandable by the masses). They can further analyze the details of experimenting and can finally proceed to create a completely native application.

Benefits of Hybrid Apps

  • Easy to manage
  • Cost-effective
  • Scalability
  • Accessibility

What should be the right choice for an eCommerce marketplace?

Well, the answer might depend on the kind of demand and the priorities of the business owner. According to the leading mobile app development companyor companies, a business owner must focus on the budget and choose the one more suitable accordingly. One can evaluate which can be the right option based on popularity and mass acceptance. Hybrid mobile app development is a better option when you’re not sure about the initial user response or not have a clear idea about how your final output should be looking like. On the contrary, native apps offer a high level of functionality and deliver a seamless user experience, they can also perform a way better than hybrid mobile apps.

It can be a personal choice to choose the right platform for your mobile app development. Once you’re firm with the right platform, find the best eCommerce web development company for your mobile app development. Be wiser and make the right choice!

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