New bicycle concepts: gravel


The world of cycling has evolved over the years. From the design of the bicycles, the materials, and the accessories to the preparation of the cyclists. One of the most interesting changes is the type of bikes that have emerged, among which is the “gravel”.

What is a gravel bike?

Gravel is a type of cycling that can be practised with bikes similar to road bikes in terms of design, but the wheels are adapted to go on other terrains outside of it, in addition to being a single chainring and having a curved handlebar. We could say that gravel bikes are a mixture of road bikes and Hovsco mountain bikes.

Therefore, with a gravel bike, you can go on roads, gravel tracks, trails, and even in the city. This bike concept was born from the need to find more versatile bikes that could be used on different terrains. The gravel is a hybrid bicycle, without the limitations of a specific bike for a single terrain, such as the mountain bike. And it is that they are perfect for an adventure or for day-to-day, since it is usually comfortable to place different accessories: from packages in the rack, bottle cages, to mudguards.

Advantages of gravel bikes

The benefits of gravel bikes are multiple since they have the characteristics of different bikes, to make them comfortable and versatile bikes.

With gravel, the terrain is no longer a concern. The wheels are designed to be able to go on gravel roads (hence its name, gravel). This type of bike is designed to be able to carry accessories, which fits in day to day. Although if what we want is to get out of the routine, the gravel is a bicycle to not get bored, it allows us to be adventurous, and find new routes and paths, thanks to its hybrid design.

Gravel variants

From this style of bicycle, gravel, variants have emerged that are used in the city, with wheels without studs and straight handlebars. These bikes are the ones usually carried by delivery people or people in big cities, like New York. We could say that they are urban SUV bikes, more robust than conventional urban bikes and that they can also be customized to transform them into gravel bikes.

Mountain bikes are a type of off-road bike, perfect for the mountains or for going through complicated terrain, although they can also be used on asphalt. Precisely for this reason, there are other bicycles that are more practical for the city, such as urban and city bikes.

The biggest difference between a touring bike vs. bike mountain bike is that the objective of each one is different. While the ride bike is basically for getting around the city, the mountain bike is special for mountain routes, that is, it is more sporty. So, the differences are not only the type of bike they are but also the materials and elements that make them up different. Next, we will see the characteristics of each one to help you make a better choice.

What is the difference between a city bike and a mountain bike?

The components of urban bikes are usually simpler, but they are designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of the city. They are usually made with bells or lights to go around the city at night. In addition, its maintenance is simple. Although if it is an urban electric bicycle, we recommend that you follow more precise maintenance for electric bikes.

On the other hand, an Mountain Bikes has suspensions to be able to go over irregular terrain with ups and downs without problems. They also usually come without accessories such as headlights, bells or basket holders because they have to be light. And if you go through puddles or muddy places, be careful, because Mountain bikes do not have mudguards and the saddle or our back is usually stained by splashes from the rear wheel.

Both urban bikes and touring bikes are usually used to pedal comfortably to work or on a Sunday while enjoying the scenery. Some city bikes can have front suspension to make them even more comfortable. For this reason, they have chain guards and fenders so that the clothes do not rub or get dirty. We will also find some models with smaller diameter wheels to handle them better and, of course, they can be foldable! The best if you need to take it on the subway or store it without taking up much space.  

Mountain bikes: why they are special

Hovsco Mountain Bikes are designed for off- road cycling. These bikes have similarities with other types of bikes, but with special features to achieve maximum performance in mountainous terrain.

Characteristics of mountain bikes

These types of bikes are very resistant. Normally, mountain bikes include front suspension or double suspension (front and rear), to give greater control and ease of manoeuvring. In addition, they include disc brakes (mechanical or hydraulic) on both wheels, which makes them very safe bicycles.

Mountain bike tires are thick and studded to make the wheels more durable. The wide tires absorb ground vibrations very well so they can roll smoothly on slopes or difficult surfaces with stones, dirt and potholes. Don’t miss a route!

Tips for safe riding on a Mountain Bike

If you go by bike, and especially if it is on uneven terrain, it is important to take into account our safety. Wearing a helmet is essential, and in this case, it must be a special helmet. It is also advisable to wear sunglassesgloves and sun cream. In winter, go warm with specific cycling sports clothing because when doing a mountain route you spend many hours outside, as well as reflective or knee pads. Another thing that we cannot forget is a backpack with water or a hydration bag, as well as a raincoat in case the rain catches us or reflectors in case it gets dark.

As for the bike, you have to check it before leaving homeIt would be ideal to carry some tools in your backpack as they can help us if we puncture wheels or the chain slips out of place.

Evolution of the bicycle market

The bicycle market has obtained enormous growth in business volume in 2020 and 2021. For the first time in Spain, more than one and a half million bicycles were sold.   

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