Best Ways to Enjoy New Year Eve For 2020

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We all know, new Year in Dubai is more than a grand affair. With mesmerizing fireworks to enjoy the New Year’s celebrations for free, there is no wonder that people have started coming into the UAE from all over the world this time. Either you want to party or just sit in solitude in the comfort of the walls, Dubai is for you. if you want to enjoy new year especially with your friends and family, Dubai has something to offer for everyone in all sorts of budget. Dinner, parties, dancing and fireworks, Dubai can easily be your personalized new year celebrations getaway. If you are in search of some of the best way to enjoy your new year evening, here we have complied some of the best ones. Let’s check them out!

  • Watch the Dazzling Fireworks

In Dubai, the fireworks on New Year are the best in the entire world. The most satisfying is, these are for free and can be seen by even those stuck in their homes. You can’t choose a favorite as everyone has their own tastes. Let’s discuss top three places in Dubai where you can fireworks on a huge scale: Also, Read delta airlines reservation phone number

The Astounding Burj Khalifa Fireworks

Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world attracts millions of tourists to the Dubai. During New Years, the fireworks are televised and popular are over the globe. Tourists from far and wide come Dubai to have a final countdown. You aren’t only treated by the delightful fireworks, light and water at midnight will also fascinate you.

There is a great need to know that when one of the most televised events take place, getting there earlier than expected is such a good idea. Ensure you arrive as early as around 5:30 PM in order to take the best spot. Otherwise, you can also book a table at one of the outdoor restaurants of Dubai. These places prove to be costly affair, but at least you have a nice view to enjoy.

Be Amazed by The Atlantis Fireworks

Overshadowed by the Burj Khalifa fireworks, the Atlantis Fireworks also demonstrates something one must experience while looking for fun things to do during New Year evening in Dubai. In order to get not only a mesmerizing view as well as also a fantastic feel, you must reserve a room in The Atlantis that weekend. If it goes over your budget, you can also go for an early long drive. Choose a suitable location to stay there until midnight. 

Gaze at the Fireworks from Umm Al Sequim Beach

Umm Al Sequim beach is located in the middle of the Burj Khalifa and The Atlantis ensuring that you’ll enjoy both fireworks. Enjoying the Burj Al Arab’s fireworks is the cherry on the top of Dubai. There is a chain reaction going off when the clock strikes 12.  Keep considered, parking will be going to be a huge issue. in order to avoid any unpleasant incident, make sure you are in comfortable clothing and footwear for a long walk from the parking area to the spot.

  • Attend the Zero Gravity New Year’s Eve Party

Dubai’s Party scene at new year celebration is dedicated to that inner party animal needs one right tune in order to get started. Time likes the new year night; you’ll find the most insane parties in Dubai. During the last week of this year, this city manages to bring the well-known DJs to play an unforgettable night. Zero Gravity is rendezvous for the people planning to spend Dubai New Year dancing. The Al Fresco beach club is known as the main attraction with various zones offering various themes.

  • Desert Rose yacht charter

Desert rose yacht- a luxury mega yacht with lavish design was launch in 2016. It was considered the largest charter yacht ever sailed in UAE. One of the main concepts behind this venture was to provide the largest space for events or big gatherings. It is fascinating to know that Desert Rose yacht is a fully equipped boat along with high end furnishings. If you are looking for the most unique way to enjoy your new year evening, there is nothing best than Desert Rose Yacht that comes with VIP bedrooms on the main deck as well as 8 bedrooms on the lower deck.

Desert Rose Yacht Dubai offers the guest, a kitchen, dry pantry, dining, a large salon, and large laundry cater in order to meet each and every need of the terms of entertainment purpose especially for this coming new year night, Desert rose yacht features a dance floor with art sound system and a professional audio system. A boat also comes with 2 home theaters with total of 20 screens covering the boat. Desert rose yacht has been always known as the first every biggest party boat. Its spaces speak volume for itself.

Lower deck of the boat offers a swimming pool as well as rest of the cabins. The middle deck has a vast interior that you can customize according to the needs. You can also book for dinning, dance floor, and conferences. The upper deck is always been a pleasure to be on as it offers huge open area equipped to serve you chilled beverages. Enjoy your party with comfortable side sitting. Just relax and enjoy fireworks with delicious dinner cruising around the coast of Dubai.

  • Experience the Magic of Dubai Opera

You must go for a royal dinner to celebrate the New Year in Dubai. watch as Steller show at Dubai Opera. The DJ takes over letting the crowd to wild on the classic beats, when the clock strikes 12.

  • Dhow Cruise on a New Year’s Eve

If you feel that fancy dinners and fireworks are too cliché for a Dubai New Year enjoyment, you must board the traditional cruises and enjoy your New Year’s Eve Cruise with your fullest. Get passenger vessels with onboard live entertainment and a lavish dinner prepared by the professional chefs. Here you have the best chance to ring in the New Year in Dubai with a unique kind of luxury. You can also watch Dubai fireworks from various parts of the city while sailing the marina in silence. If you want a cheaper way to experience the same thing, the government-run Roads and Transport Authority has the best plan.

  • New Year Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is basically a desert, so in order to enjoy the NYE in a traditional way, go to one of the vast stretches of sand, won’t be that hard to find. You can also head for a desert safari or similar packages and live that you can never forget. Moreover, tuck in a delightful barbeque dinner. Enjoy unlimited refreshments and get entertained by games, live music, and dance. You must get a traditional henna tattoo and dress up in the traditional outfits. Don’t forget to cut the New Year’s cake when the clock strikes 12.

The bottom line is, the crowd is far more excited for New Year’s celebration in Dubai. Some places start their planning for the next new year celebration event from as early as January.

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