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With the increasing popularity of social networks, several organizations have turned to digital channels to spread their offers. Users today are eager to be part of viral trends. Digital coupons like off Wayfair Coupons & promo codes can entitle holders to various benefits such as discounts or free trials, and they can be given out to increase engagement and ROI. Millennials and Gen Xers are the most frequent users of coupons. But, baby boomers and gen Xers are not the only ones taking advantage of the latest trends in coupons.

Demand for digital coupons is growing among gen Xers and baby boomers

Boomers are the most valuable consumer group in the United States and have the highest disposable income of any generation. They account for nearly half of retail sales and spend more on technology than any other generation. Baby Boomers are the fastest-growing segment of the social media generation, with Facebook being their preferred site. Despite the popularity of social media, baby boomers are more likely to respond to direct mail or coupons than to emails.

96 percent of smartphone users look for digital coupons when they are shopping. The convenience of digital coupons makes them more valuable to these consumers than paper coupons. Additionally, the convenience factor is a big factor for millennials. They are more likely to scan a digital coupon than hold a physical one in their hand. This trend is reflected in the higher average age of digital coupons.

Millennials are the most frequent coupon users

Despite the odd connotations surrounding using coupons, the Millennial generation is among the most enthusiastic and savvy users. According to a Statista survey, a staggering 89% of millennials say they use coupons to test new brands. This number is much higher than the percentages among Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. In addition, 81% of millennials say they will search for coupons online after discovering them on social media.

While older generations may use coupons to save money on various items, millennials largely rely on in-store purchases. Eighty percent of Millennials say they would use a coupon if they found a better deal in the store, while 37 percent said they would buy clothing based on the savings. That’s a staggering difference from the Boomer generation, where only five percent go over budget regarding beauty and personal care.

Gen Xers are the most frequent coupon users

A new study shows that Gen Xers are among the most active coupon users. This group of shoppers is much more brand loyal than previous generations and responds best to customer loyalty programs. These shoppers are more likely to purchase additional items when brands offer them coupons and discounts. They also spend more time on social media than baby boomers, which means the best way to reach them is through Facebook ads and pages. Make sure to include reviews and customer testimonials on your page.

Millennials are the most active coupon users, but Gen Xers are just as likely to use these coupons. While many of these consumers are highly tech-savvy, Xers rely heavily on personal connections. They look at store associates as people they can relate to and use their social networking sites to get the best deal. This translates into more sales for retailers. And because Gen Xers rely heavily on social media for information, they tend to be the most frequent coupon users.

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