Jun 29, 2022 (Good Practice Funds)

The day before the hearing with an independent officer of discipline, who will decide on the type of punishment Watson is likely to receive The NFL has suggested that the quarterback receive an indefinite suspension for at the very least one year.

The league advised Sue L. Robinson, the former federal judge who currently serves as the disciplinary officer Watson as well as members of the NFL Players Association of its recommendations on Monday evening A person who had knowledge of the issue confirmed the information to USA TODAY Sports. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity since they weren’t permitted by either of the parties to speak on the issue.

The conclusion of the hearing is scheduled to start on Tuesday and could last until Wednesday. Robinson who’s joint with the league and the players’ union – will go over the evidence gathered in an investigation that lasted for a whole year that was conducted by the league. Robinson will also review the arguments put forward by attorneys of the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

If Robinson adheres to the NFL’s recommendations and the NFLPA agrees, Watson as well as the NFLPA will make an appeal. But the chances of winning an appeal are not very good, as in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would either preside over the process and then make a definitive decision, or designate a person to take the decision.

The proposal that Watson is suspended indefinitely for at the very least a year allows the NFL an opportunity to make the suspension longer if further relevant evidence is discovered or in one of the four civil cases against Watson or elsewhere. The NFL also has the option of recommending certain conditions that Watson will have to comply with in order to allow his reinstatement The person who spoke to Watson said this in a statement, confirming a Wall Street Journal report on the NFL’s plans.

The allegations of sexual misconduct against Watson first surfaced in the year 2000, following the quarterback’s declaration of frustration against Houston Texans brass and request for an exchange. Watson did not play in one game in the last season and was at war with the Texans who were determined to get a handsome remuneration for one of the sport’s shining players.

The opposing teams were hesitant to meet the demands of their opponents but were unsure whether Watson could be charged with a crime by Houston authorities. Two grand juries in the spring decided against bringing on the 26-year-old. However, 24 massage therapists whose services Watson was able to secure through his social media interactions during the past several years have filed civil suits against Watson.

Following the decisions of the grand jury, the Cleveland Browns acquired Watson in exchange for first-round draft picks three rounder and two picks in the fourth. The Browns have also signed Watson to an unprecedented five-year, fully guaranteed contract worth $230 million. The deal included a small base salary of more than $1 million in 2022 in order to help Watson avoid major financial losses in the event of an extended suspension this season.

In preliminary discussions regarding an agreement with the league during preliminary talks, the NFL has informed Watson’s camp that if Watson accepted the year-long suspension and a year-long ban, it wouldn’t alter the amount of punishment when additional information became available. But, Watson opposed the proposal of a one-year ban.

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