Offline techniques of Marketing a handyman business


We live in a world that is becoming more digital all the time. However, because you work directly with people as a repair or service expert, you still do a lot of your job offline. Fortunately, if done correctly, these strategies can be just as beneficial.

Client referrals should be rewarded.

Word-of-mouth advertising is clearly effective. Friends and family referrals are the most trusted type of advertising among consumers, with 83 percent trusting them.

Of course, doing high-quality work is the first step toward earning references. When people have a massively favorable experience with your company, they are significantly more likely to rave about it.

You can, however, incentivize referrals in the same way that you can incentivize internet reviews to get people talking positively about your services.

Create a simple referral programme that rewards your consumers for referring new clients to your company. Offer a minor discount on a future service, a freebie, or whatever else you choose, and let your consumers know about it.

How? Make an invoice template that includes a quick explanation of what your clients will get in exchange for recommendations. If you transmit and accept online payments, use the same procedure.

It’s a mild prod to get them to start telling others about your company.

Advertise directly on your vehicle

You spend a lot of time driving from job site to job site as part of your job. You’re squandering an opportunity if you’re not advertising your services immediately on your vehicle.

Some companies choose a fully personalized vehicle wrap, while others settle for a simple window decal. In the end, it all boils down to what works best for you and your budget.

At the very least, your car should have the following features:

  • Phone number 
  • website
  • Name of the company

Full wraps will allow for even more information to be displayed, such as bulleted services or a tagline. Even just having the nuts-and-bolts information provided will help you make the most of your driving time.

Make a magnet for your refrigerator

Here’s a curious fact: the typical person opens their refrigerator 48 times per day. This suggests the ordinary person spends a lot of time in close proximity to that location.

Why not use that as an occasion to remind them of your services by making a refrigerator magnet with your contact information? It’s convenient for your customers while also saving you money.

That magnet implies that when that customer needs a handyman service like Handyman door repair North Hills, your information will be right there—prominent and easy to find. It’s easy to overlook the fact that the most effective marketing strategies are often the most basic.

Form strategic alliances

It takes a lot of effort to track down each new client individually. You spend almost as much time attracting new clients as you do providing services. That’s why enlisting the support of others to handle your marketing is so beneficial.

What does this mean? Form alliances with groups or individuals who can recommend you right away, almost as if you’re a favored provider. Consider the following:

  • Rental owners
  • Centers for the elderly
  • Associations of condominiums
  • Companies that handle real estate

Those types of consumers are likely to have a large number of properties, which means you’ll be exposed to a large number of potential customers at once.

Leave a flier, brochure, or business card with a point person (such as a landlord or the condo association’s main contact), and they’ll be able to send your information on to anyone in need of repairs.

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