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Online exams are another challenge we’re facing as the corona pandemic has recurred with its second wave. Students worked hard for an entire year (or even more) but right when they were well versed with the syllabus, online exams arrived to shake their confidence. Most students have accepted that the online exams have come as a completely alien concept to them and despite complete preparation, they do not feel confident enough. They do not know about the strategies that can help them write the exam. Well, we have come up with some tips that could help you perform better in the online exams and manage time in a better way.

  1. The guidelines:

You must pay keen attention to the guidelines of the exam that will be appearing. Read the guidelines thoroughly. They will educate you about the types of questions (subjective/objective) and the marks distribution per question. They will also provide you with information regarding the time limit to solve the question paper and shall answer most other questions you might want to ask.

  1. Samples:

You could surf the internet for some websites that could help you with mock tests or sample question papers relating to your subject. This will help you practice for the exam better, plan a better time management strategy and analyze your performance. After solving the sample test papers, you could analyze them and conclude which fields you need to work on.

If you’re preparing for USMLE step2 CK, you could go for websites like UWorld Medical and AMBOSS to procure the sample tests and the syllabus. Several other websites like Osmosis with their guides can help you prepare for such online exams.

  1. Check your device:

Do check whatever device you shall use to appear for the online exam. Check if the browser has been updated, or if your device (computer/ laptop/ smartphone) supports the application on which the exam shall be conducted. You might want to go through the device and be sure that there isn’t any glitch that might interrupt you during the exam.

  1. Test-taking spot:

Take a quick look at your house and choose a space, where disturbance is the least. When appearing for the examination, you would need to focus on the questions and the test paper. You cannot afford to waste time on any kind of distractions. Thus, choosing a quiet and calm place beforehand could help you.

  1. Arrangements:

If any pens are lying in the drawer or beside your bed, gather them and place them in the pen holder next to your computer desk. Gather all the stationery you have and place it on the working desk. Clean the computer screen or the screen of your device. Make a list of all the things you might need during the exam and keep them next to your working desk so that you do not have to waste time finding them during the exam.

  1. The clock:

You should keenly focus on the test paper and read all the questions carefully, but along with it, do not forget to keep a keen eye on the clock. Remember, each minute of your time counts in an examination. Do not waste much time on a question if you’re finding it hard to solve. Move on to the other questions and make sure you have enough time left to go through the entire test paper twice before you submit it.

  1. Save a copy of your answers:

Saving a copy of your response sheet does not only let you know your mistakes but also proves to be helpful if in the case due to any technical issues, your answer sheet isn’t submitted or is lost. Saving the copy helps you present proof of your true answer sheet.

  1. Technical problems:

After you are done with the response sheet, make sure you submit it. Also do not leave the page. If the exam guidelines allow you to use the web for browsing some information, you must always use another tab for it and not search on the same tab on which the test paper has been opened. If you face any kind of technical difficulty during or at the end of the exam, contact the exam instructor as soon as possible and bring the issue to their notice.


Online exams are another big challenge for students. Most of them are new to it and do not know how to strategize the exam. One must start by studying the Guidelines. They will answer all the questions you might have about the exam. Go through some sample papers and practice them online.

 One must check if their device is performing well and if there is any kind of glitch in it. One should find a peaceful test-taking spot in the house, where there is no disturbance. Make a list of everything you would need during the exam and arrange them on the work desk. Keep an eye on the clock and make sure you do not run out of time to fill the paper. Save a copy of the response sheet and if there is any technical problem, contact the exam instructor.

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