Suppose you wanted to digitize some record or a printed contract and you spend hours in retyping and then correcting misprints. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to get more of all text and data that are in your documents? With so much of our lives computerized, it’s important that machines and computers understand one another and pass information back and forth. That’s when OCR comes into the picture. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition.

Optical Character Recognition is a software that enables you to transform an image of words such as a scanned copy of a typed or handwritten document, into a digitally recognized text resource. Basically, it converts a scanned image to text format.

Let’s see some benefits of OCR, that mainly helps businesses in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the work

Benefits of OCR

  • Higher Productivity:- OCR software helps businesses to achieve higher productivity by proving quicker data when required. Earlier the time and effort which the employees were required to put in for extracting data was quite high but now the employees can focus on core activities.
  • Cost Reduction:- OCR can help businesses in cutting down costs on hiring professionals to carry out data extraction. This tool also helps in trimming various other costs, such as printing, copying, shipping, etc. Therefore, businesses can opt for OCR for cost-saving.
  • High Accuracy:- Inaccuracy is the major challenge that a business face. OCR helps in reducing errors and inaccuracies, and it also results in effective and efficient work. OCR data entry can also successfully track the lost data. As there is no manpower involved, the issues like wrong information or mistakes can be eliminated.
  • Increased Storage Space:- OCR serves as one of the best tools to implement a “Paperless” approach across the organization. This means that there is no need to maintain huge paper files. OCR can store data in an electronic format in servers, this increases the storage space in an organization.
  • No more retyping:- You need not spend hours to retype the whole document, OCR helps to convert printed characters into digital text, allowing you to search for or edit your document in a word processing program quickly. 
  • Makes Documents Editable:- OCR helps in converting data to any preferred formats such as Word, etc., which can be easily edited. This can be of great help when there are contents that have to be constantly updated or regularly changed.

Use cases for OCR

  • Converts printed paper documents into machine-readable text documents:- OCR tool is used to convert scanned documents, paper documents, or images into searchable and recognizable machine-readable data. Through the OCR tool, the texts can be seen and are readable easily.
  • Data entry automation:- OCR tools also help in eliminating manual encoding and decrease human data entry errors. Nowadays if a company is big or small, they use OCR to automate data entry and of course, automated sorting.
  • Automatic number plate recognition:- OCR tools can help in security purposes. It can be implemented on roads and highways for better recognition of number plates
  • Assisting blind and visually impaired persons:- Have you ever wondered how the visually impaired can read and how they can function in an office? With the help of text-to-speech programs and OCR technology, handicaps are given a chance to work in an office. Both help in reading documents aloud
  • Self-service stores:- Malls, groceries, stores, movies, and even ticket vending machines use OCR tools. One of the examples is the Indian Railways, where ticket vending machines with OCR are available. Since this system is implemented there have been no more long lines.


The OCR application is an apt tool for a picture to text conversion and is easy-to-use and offers a variety of features and options for home users and corporate users.

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