If you are in the market for automating glass cutting as a part of your manufacturing process, you are likely concerned with achieving accuracy, while reducing materials waste. There are many ways to achieve these goals, but doing so while also maximizing production volume requires careful consideration of the kind of glass cutting machinery used.

First, to increase production efficiency and improve safety, robotic glass handling operations are ideal for glass fabrication. These workhorse machines can be programmed to handle a wide variety of different materials and are able to be adjusted to work around different architectural configurations and facility obstacles.

Traditional machines for glass cutting that use rack and pinion mechanisms may meet your manufacturing goals initially, but as they increase their production levels, you may see a fall-off in accuracy. Gears begin to show signs of wear, or belts need replacing, which all require an increase in time spent on recalibration of the machine to maintain consistency. This kind of time-consuming maintenance slows down production and decreases output.

Glassline’s line of CNC glass cutting machines uses linear motors with a magnetic driving mechanism. Rotation is powered by a direct drive servo motor and there are no gears or belts that will wear over time, which means there is no need for stopping the line to replace gears and belts or constant recalibration. Not only does this allow a consistent rate of output, but it does so without sacrificing accuracy.

Oversized linear motors on each side of the glass cutting machine ensure that tight tolerances are met, and sophisticated software allows for detailed segmentation of the cut process. The software allows for cutting pressure to be customized for each project and even within the segments of the cut path for each project.

For accurate cuts inside glass shapes, our water-jet cutting and grinding machines follow the same manufacturing principles and offer similar precision and efficiency.

Whatever your glass fabrication needs are, be sure to do your homework and find an experienced manufacturing partner. From efficient and accurate cutting machines to the precision and consistency of laser engraving, this is not the time to go with an untested process or invest in machines that could cost you more in the long run. Glassline has over 50 years of experience in designing and building machines for every facet of the glass manufacturing process. While our roots are in the field of glass fabrication, we have expanded our expertise to include many other areas of packaging, bottling, and other industrial machinery usages.

We’ve pioneered many of the industry’s advances, and we can consult with you to determine the most useful and versatile machining for your manufacturing and fabrication needs.

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