Drinking water has always been the point of concern in India, especially in terms of purity and quality. As we all know, technology has changed everything in the last few decades. The water bottled business has emerged as one of India’s shining stars with many leading companies like Bisleri. This company, by Parle Agro, is playing a role in it. The brand covers more than 40% market share in India and one of the leading water bottle brands. The brand is one of the trusted brands for packaged water in India. The brand was established in 1969, and since then, they are growing. 

They are one of the undisputed leaders for the packaged water for 6 decades. Recently the company started home delivery for bottles of water all over India with amazing discounts and coupons. You can order Bottles of water online and save money with Bisleri coupons.

The brand has more than 140 operational plants with more than 3000 distributors all over the country. One of the main reasons for growing this brand is that it never compromises water quality. Their online joint venture has already started the online delivery of the water bottles, including their beverages. 

Most do not know that the brand has more products, including water bottles. Let’s check out the other beverages of this brand here.

  1. Limonata
  2. Vedica
  3. Soda
  4. Fonzo
  5. Spyci

Bisleri Discount Coupons and Other Offers 

Check out some latest offers and ongoing discounts on the online platform. 

  • The ongoing Subscription offer brings Flat % 5 off on almost all products. You can choose water bottles or other beverages and get flat % 5 off. 
  • The 20 liters water can come with a 5% flat discount for all users. Ti is one of the most commonly used can during the function and small get-together. 
  • As for the soda, the online platform is offering a flat 180 per case. 

These are some of the currently ongoing offers for their online platform. They are one of the biggest online platforms for bottled water in India. 

How to Order Bisleri Products 

Check here how to order from the Bisleri platform. 

  • First, go to the online website and register yourself. 
  • Select the products you purchase online.
  • Add them to the cart and check the ongoing offers too.
  • Make the payment and grab the online offers.
  • The product will deliver to your given address in the next 48-24 hours. 

Why Choose Bisleri 

It is one of the leading brands online and offline in the Indian market. They never compromise with the quality of the water, and the company never leaves their customer unsatisfied. 

Whether it is quality or quantity, the brand makes sure they provide the best service to their customers. 

The Quality Tests 

The brand does more than 114 quality tests on the mineral water that is scientifically advanced and rigorous. 

  • Ozonization
  • Sand filtration 
  • Carbon Filtration 
  • Reverse Osmosis.
  • Micro Filtron 
  • Bottling carefully. 

And many more, which are essentials for overall best for drinking and taste. 

The Delivery Policy 

The brand always ensures that the delivery of the product should be done within the given timeline. The customer’s order at 2 pm will be delivered the same day if possible. Otherwise, it will surely be delivered in the next 24 hours. As we already mentioned, the delivery network is so big that they have more than 3000 distributors in India. 

Payment Options 

The brand’s online venture will accept all types of payment options. It accepts all cards, including credit, debit cards, UPI, and Netbanking also. The brand offers a cash on delivery option on which you can pay at the time of delivery. 

Refund and Cancellation Policy 

Their refund and cancellation policies are simple as compared to other online platforms. If you want to cancel the order, you can do it within the 2 hours of the order placement. Refund will be done within 7 hours after the company accepts the cancellation request.

As per the return, the brand has no returned policy, a person cannot return any product once delivered. 

 The Rainwater Harvesting Programme 

As we all know, India receives ample monsoon rainfall every year, and 90% of rainwater is lost through runoff or into the sea. Our negligence in making effective rainwater use has led to a declining level in the ground level water. 

Their Project Nayi Umeed is one of the initiatives we need to conserve the rainwater by building and restoring check dams. The check dam will help the surface water for use during the monsoon and groundwater recharge. The harvested water will be used for irrigation, enabling farmers to cultivate their land regularly. 

The brand undertook the first check dam project in 2001 at a village Bara in Kutch, Gujarat. These check dams have helped nearly 124 villages and benefiting around 10,000 and more families. 

Bisleri is no doubt one of the affordable brands in India that offer world-class drinking water. To save on their products, you can also use the Bisleri Promo Codes and other codes. Always stay in touch with the online platform and see the online offers. 

This is all about the Bisleri brand, one of India’s leading water bottled brands, and the water is pure and clean to drink. The brand always brings exciting offers and coupons for their new and existing customers. So it is better to order online and save with Bisleri.

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