Outsourcing SEO Services – How Does It Work?


There are constant updates to search engine optimization because of Google’s continuous algorithm updates and the growing competition. You have to dedicate dozens of hours each month to your research and experiments if you wish to stay on top of your game. However, it’s unlikely you have the time to become an SEO expert as a small business or agency owner.  

You’re always on the go making sales calls, onboarding clients, and doing other things that directly promote your bottom line. But it would help if you still reap the benefits of SEO, such as reaching the first page of Google for your key phrases and consistently providing your clients with those results. 

It is where SEO outsourcing services come in. You can enlist expert SEO professionals to manage your own or a client’s website’s on-page optimization, content creation, and backlink building. But how does outsourcing SEO services work? Read on to learn how that happens in this post. 

Why Invest in Outsourcing SEO Services? 

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With SEO, you can drive traffic, leads, and sales. As of 2020, 49% of marketers cited SEO as the best digital marketing channel. However, it’s not an easy skill to master, and it’s constantly changing. Inconsistent results are inevitable. In 2021, one of the major concerns for 62% of content marketers was the changes to search algorithms and SEO.  

Content marketing requires a mastery of SEO, which can be tough to master with the constant changes. A full-time SEO expert isn’t cheap either. An SEO consultant, on average, makes $85,240 a year. Imagine the cost of building an entire SEO department. This price tag is high unless you have the resources.  

If you hire an entry-level intern to save money, their inexperienced efforts might lower your rankings. Investing in an SEO agency is your best bet if you want the same quality and access to services such as content creation beyond SEO. It would help outsource SEO agency and save time and money to achieve better rankings for yourself or your clients. 

How Can You Outsource SEO Services — How Does it Work?  

You can outsource your SEO services in these ways: 

Determining Your Goals, Needs, and Budget 

Although it may seem as simple as enlisting the top Google result to handle your SEO, it’s not that easy. Identifying the right partner requires understanding your goals, needs, and budget. 

Therefore, it would help to determine: 

  • Your SEO campaigns  
  • Your budget 
  • If you can do something in-house like design pages or take product photos 

Before beginning this journey, any professional SEO company will aim to determine the above. It will help if you get ready with your answers. Consider how much you spend on PPC or other paid marketing to estimate your budget. Consider what your in-house team can do when evaluating your options. If you want to capture the attention of your prospects, make sure that your content and visuals are professional. 

The last thing you want is your storefront to be ruined by a poor paint job or a typo on your sales sign. As a ‘digital storefront,’ your website and blog make an impression on potential customers. When planning to resell SEO services as an agency, consider the same things as well from the perspective of your clients and the perspective of your own business. 

Outsourcing SEO Services From an Agency You Can Trust 

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You should determine which type of SEO services you need based on what you can do in-house. For instance: 

  • Technical SEO audit 
  • Backlink building 
  • Local SEO 
  • Keyword research 
  • Overall, SEO Strategy 

There is no need to find several SEO companies — a package will usually be more affordable and more effective than getting additional services from multiple companies. 

Verifying the Validity of Case Studies and Reviews 

When evaluating potential agency partners, it is crucial to determine if they are knowledgeable about SEO. Some agencies get by with minimal expertise in such complex areas, and they don’t have to worry about what their clients expect. 

An important indicator here is the abundance of case studies and customer testimonials that show the company’s actual results achieved by SEO campaigns. Also, check Google Analytics results or other SEO tools like Ahrefs. 

Engage a White Label SEO company 

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If you look for a digital marketing solution without the expense of hiring in-house, SEO experts can turn to white label providers to provide their organic SEO services. You get the same advantages as a freelancer when you hire these contractors — better control over what you need and how much you pay. 

Many contractors are also freelancers themselves, making for a good working relationship. It makes them more affordable and reliable than independent contractors. However, remember that you may need to wait for work completion since such companies have a large client base. 


Choosing the right outsourcing partner and having the right expectations in mind can make outsourcing SEO services the best business decision you make this year. It’s the way to go if you’re on a tight budget and have limited resources because it will ensure the best results for your project at a fraction of the time and cost. As a result, you’ll need a reputable agency to help you execute your vision. 

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