Different Types of Oven Mitts


The main purpose of the oven mitts is to protect the hand from getting heat flames. By wearing them you can easily cook and bake food.

But not all oven mitts give the same level of protection from heat. This is because of the material that they contain.

Different types of construction materials provide a different level of protection.

Also, some materials are comfortable while some are not.

Want to know the best part?

If you want to get the grilling gloves for cooking but do not know how many types they have.

Then you are at the correct place. Because here we tell you about the different types of oven mitts.

In this article, you will get to know about the 9 different oven mitts. So let’s start the discussion.

9 Types Of Oven Mitts

Best Oven Mitts

Here are different types of oven mitts that give different facilities. So have a look at them and select the right oven mitts for your hands.

1. Silicon

To get the real value of your money, you should select the silicone oven mitts.

Because they offer the best protection from the heat. Silicone oven mitts can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

You might think that in the normal kitchen you do not need such high protection then why you should buy this?

For some instances you are right. But silicone oven mitts do not just protect from heat.

They are also water and stain-resistant. It means you can do all your kitchen work by wearing these gloves.

You can wash the utensils and protect the hands from getting dry. You should give this multipurpose oven mitt a chance.

2. Cotton

The classic choice of most chefs is cotton oven mitts. Therefore, you can say it is the standard type of oven mitt.

People love to buy cotton oven mitts because they are available in a wide range.

They have unique and beautiful designs in almost all colors.

In addition, you can easily wash these oven mitts in the machine when they get dirty. Cotton mitts are best for lightweight work.

What’s the bottom line?

Cotton mitts do not provide the best protection from the heat. Also, they are not water-resistant.

It means they can get dirty easily.

Moreover, you can hold the lids of the pan with a tight grip.

3. Neoprene


The upgraded version of cotton mitts is the neoprene oven mitts. Neoprene mitts are also available in a wide range.

Neoprene oven mitts provide the features of both cotton and silicon oven mitts.

Therefore, they give the best protection from fire as silicon mitts give.

Also, you can hold things with a better group. Some neoprene oven mitts are washable and some are dishwasher safe.

4. Aramid

To get the better strength and highest protection you should buy the aramid oven mitts.

By wearing these mitts you can easily protect your hands. They are best in protecting the hands from heat and fire flames.

Therefore, they are used in commercial kitchens by the chefs. Moreover, they provide the best hand grip.

So that you do not lose the objects that you pick up. But you can not wash these mitts in the machine.

5. Extra-Long Mitts

Most of the oven mitts materials provide this facility. This is not the specific oven mitt type as they are variations in some types.

The standard size of the normal oven mitts is 12 inches. This standard size is enough to protect both hands and arms.

People with short arms find this size too large.

But if you want you can customize the length of the glove. So that you can get better protection from heat flames.

6. Lined Mitts

Lined Mitts

Lined mitts have a huge variety as long mitts have.

As the name says, some oven mitts have the interior lining while some oven mitts do not have any.

The interior lining adds a layer to the oven mitts that provide better heat resistance and protection.

Lined mitts have low heat resistance but when it is added to the cotton oven mitts, it increases the thickness.

On the other side, silicone mitts do not have internal lining because they do not need anything for extra protection.

7. Oven Gloves

Oven gloves are similar to oven mitts. But they have a glove-like structure. It means oven gloves provide more dexterity.

They allow you to move your fingers easily and hold the grip. As compared to the oven mitts, oven gloves have a better grip.

Oven gloves protect from both heat and cuts.

It means you can wear gloves to do all types of kitchen work.

Moreover, different types of oven gloves come with different functionalities. They have more durability, flexibility, and dexterity.

8. Pot Holders

For minimum protection, pot holders are used. They are less clumsy than the oven mitts.

Pot-holders are small in size yet they provide better dexterity.

You can easily store the pot holders as you store the oven mitts and oven gloves.

They have multiple shapes. It depends on your requirement that which shape you need.

By wearing them, you can only handle pot-holders. If you want you can not do the other kitchen work like cutting and chopping.

Also, their small size offers protection to only fingers, not the full hand.

9. Mini Baking Mittens

Mini Baking Mittens

Like oven mitts and oven gloves, mini baking mittens protect from the heat.

They provide the same facility as the pot-holder does.

But baking mittens have a different shape.

The besting about these mittens is that they provide better dexterity and holding grip.

By wearing them you can tightly hold the items and make baking easy.

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Wrapping It All Up!!

That’s all folks, in conclusion, we will say that you should select the right type according to your cooking requirements.

Just remember that all types have their features and they work best according to their capabilities.

So first read all the types and select the one that satisfies all your cooking requirements.

After selecting the type, there are some other factors that you should also consider.

So that you really get what you want without spending more time and extra money on buying the wrong oven mitts.

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