Overview of the SP Connect RING MOUNT

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With the development of mobile technologies, people are increasingly using smartphones not only for communication. Social networks have flowed smoothly from the screens of computers and laptops to the displays of pocket gadgets.

Watching movies and reading books has also become much easier to do with a smartphone. Phones are getting more sophisticated every year. Some flagship models are as powerful as the average laptop. In addition, pocket gadgets put laptops on both blades in terms of compactness.

Of course, working on desktop computers and laptops is easier, thanks to large screens and the presence of a keyboard. Although the last point is no longer the advantage of PCs and laptops – there are many wireless and compact input devices for smartphones.

Thanks to smartphones, a person working with texts can work anywhere: in a subway car, in a bar or on an airplane. If you connect a keyboard to your phone, then it will become quite possible for programmers to write code. In general, pocket gadgets have become not only a technique for communication, but also a full-fledged tool for work.

Sometimes there is a problem with the location of the phone on the table. If you just put it on the surface, then the neck will quickly get tired and start to hurt. If you lean against any object, the gadget will slide and fall.

To conveniently place the smartphone on the table, there are stands. There are a lot of options for such accessories: from cheap double-sided tape rings and folding barrels, to book cases and bumpers with a built-in leg.

These options are convenient, but they have disadvantages. Cheap rings get loose, barrels are voluminous – you can’t put a smartphone in a pocket of jeans or shorts. Not everyone is comfortable using book covers. Folding legs at the bumpers fall off over time.

In this article, we will talk about an accessory for smartphones, whose manufacturers took into account the shortcomings of other attributes, corrected them and launched a truly high-quality product on the market.


At first glance, the SP Connect RING MOUNT is no different from other accessories in the smartphone holder category. But if you look closely, it becomes clear what its advantage is. Designed by SP Connect, the attribute can be easily removed when not needed.

Unlike cheap analogues sold at every turn, the SP Connect RING MOUNT is made of impact-resistant plastic and metal. The simple but durable mechanism of the accessory will not loosen up and will not spontaneously fold.

To connect the Ring Mount to your smartphone, you will need to purchase a suitable SP Connect case . If there is no case suitable for the phone in the model range, it does not matter. You can purchase a projector ceiling mount. Glue it to the back wall or bumper of the gadget.

It would seem, why buy an additional accessory to make the main one work? The beauty of the SP Connect attributes is that every mount uses a MicroRail lock: motorcycle and  bike brackets , biceps band, and  car mounts . It is enough to purchase one case, and you no longer have to transfer your smartphone to other cases and cases every time.

The SP Connect RING MOUNT is easy to fold out to 90°. This creates an optimal angle for watching movies, reading books and working on a smartphone. When folded, the ring does not interfere with the owner of the phone. The gadget still fits in a jeans pocket.

During long flights or train rides, the smartphone is hung on the SP Connect RING MOUNT on a clothes hook. The mount is held securely so that the phone will not fly out during turbulence and shaking on a bad road.


The SP Connect RING MOUNT will be useful to anyone who uses smartphones not only for talking. Easy to use, durable and reliable accessory will always find its user.

Whether you’re playing the guitar and learning your favorite song while watching a YouTube video, typing an article, or watching the news at breakfast, it’s all more convenient when your smartphone is on the table at the right angle. The SP Connect RING MOUNT will help you achieve this.

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