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If you are a collector there is much you can appreciate about weapons and their amazing design. Each of them has a specific property and a history that makes them more fascinating. In the case of swords, the history goes far and wide and includes many stories of bravery. That is primarily because swords are the ultimate weapons of chaos that bring about change. But they are also crafted so well that all the parts of a sword hold some sort of importance. The long blade is the weapon that defends the honor and hence has to be pristine. The sword handle usually holds a symbol and ornamentation that determines the rank of a warrior and soldier. The scabbard represents the culture that the weapon belongs to and also protects the precious blade. 

Undoubtedly there are many cool swords that have existed in history and still exist to this day. Even when people don’t actually fight with swords anymore, they are relevant. They are regarded as heirlooms and collectible weapons that make for incredible décor and trophies. You will find a large range of antique swords that are meant for the show. Then there is also a relatively new but popular surge of collectibles from movies and video games.

The Real Swords You Will Find Nowadays 

For the real enthusiasts, the good news is that there are plenty of swords to go around. When you are into collecting something as unique as swords, you have to make sure they’re worth it. Despite the fact that they might not be in use today, they are astoundingly relevant. Here are some versions of swords you will find around you.

Medieval Swords

The classic is always the best and in this case, swords are always better that way. There is something so elegant about a historic medieval weapon. It relegates stories of Kings, warriors, knights, and adventures into this single object. Usually, all medieval weapons you will find have gothic designs and overly decorated features. That is what makes these swords ideal for collection and décor. 

Samurai Swords

When speaking of weapons, we can’t leave out the most badass fighters in history, the samurais. Ancient Japanese soldiers called samurais used swords known as katanas. They are flat and long swords meant for slashing and swinging. While they were once lethal weapons, they are now valuable as heirlooms and collectibles as well. You will find variations of samurai swords and shorter swords used by ninja assassins in this category

Anime Swords

In the modern-day, one phenomena that has taken the world by storm is Asian animated films. Normally known as Anime, these films and videogames feature a host of different swords in stories. You can only imagine that millions of fans revel over the amazing swords that are showcased in them. And naturally, there is a large collection of anime swords that are used for cosplay and dress up. Nowadays you will find these swords in comic book stores and costume shops. 

Sports Swords

Surely there are other uses for swords other than just being collectibles, and there are. You will find a vast range of rapier and ninja words that are used in martial arts and fencing. The two surviving fighting techniques that use swords are quite popular as extra-curricular activities. Rapier swords are thin, long, needle-like swords used in fencing to poke the opponent to gain points. With other weapons in martial arts, sword fighting is also done with katanas to learn balance and precision.

Looking For The Best Sword In The World

It is not an everyday occurrence that you will venture out to find an impeccably crafted sword. But when that time comes, you rightfully want the best thing there is to purchase. In the pursuit of swords, it’s important that they are high-quality and worth their cost. To each fan there will be a different kind of sword that would appeal to them. So instead, here is a compilation of the best sword you can get in every category mentioned above. 

  • For the classic lovers, something historic and memorable is more enchanting. That is why if you need something iconic, get the Medieval Templar Knight Crusader Sword. It comes with its own wall plaque and it has a decorative handle as well. The two toned blades have carved symbols on the length of the blade for added design.  If you want something impressive for your wall, this sword will be a top contender.
  • Anyone who is interested in learning sword fighting will find more options than they think. From the vast range of martial arts swords, Fantasy Master 3 Piece Ninja Sword Set is the winner. It features an enigmatic blue blade as well as a set of throwing knives. If you want to become a ninja master, this is your toolkit right here. For the fencing fanatic, the Rapier Fencing Sword with Red Scabbard is the champion blade. It comes with a scabbard so the thin blade stays protected and adds a little elegance to the outlook as well.
  • With all the rage around video games and anime, collectible replica swords are becoming common. But one that trumps all is surely the famous Assassins Creed Altair Anime Sword Replica. Everyone within the gaming community fawns over any merchandise from Assassins Creed. This sword will be the crown jewel in any collector’s den.

Buying The Best Sword On A Budget 

A pressing concern for all collectors and weapon lovers is that they can’t afford pricey collectibles. Swords are not toys and it’s difficult to collect them when you are worried about spending a lot of money. But if you know the right source, you can get what you want at a lower price. You can’t compromise on quality and that’s possible when you have the option of wholesale swords. But where do you turn to when you need cheap swords that are worth the buck?

It is always a good idea to buy a sword online to save money and get good merchandise as well. The best place to find affordable, good quality swords is Knife Import. They are the premium online store for wholesale swords, with tons of variety. If you are looking for a bargain sword that’s also impressive, Knife Import is the place to look for it.

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