It is without a doubt that in PCB manufacturing, a competent manufacturer is required. You must have basic knowledge of PCB manufacturing. It’s various designs, types, quality, manufacturer’s competency, uses, and maintenance before selecting the one that is suitable for a specific purpose.


The PCB manufacturing process can be achieved in different ways. But despite these variations, the basic steps in the PCB manufacturing are the same.
The basic processes of PCB manufacturing

After you have selected the bare PCB boards, the next stage is to design the needed tracks on the board and then eliminate unwanted copper. However, note that PCB manufacturing is achieved using a chemical etching process. And the most popular kind of etch used with PCBs is Ferric chloride.

Then, to achieve the pattern of the original tracks, use the photographic process. Normally, the copper on the bare PCBs is lined with a thin layer of photo-resist. After that, expose it to light through photo-mask of photographic film. This will allow detailing of the essential tracks. In doing this, the images produced on the tracks is passed on to the photo-resist. After this, the photo-resist is then placed in a developer. However, only the surface areas of the PCB where tracks are required will be covered in the photo-resist.CHOOSING THE RIGHT PCB MANUFACTURER

Choosing the right PCB manufacturer requires making a wise decision. But the decision making can be overwhelming and difficult than you may think. Here are a few guidelines that you can use to choose the right manufacturer for your PCB.
Find out whether the manufacturer is certified

The common certifications of PCB manufacturers include IPC, UL, and ISO. Ideally, you should go for a manufacturer who is quality compliant and follow the high-quality PCB manufacturing processes, which involve 20 steps.
Know the business and work experience of the manufacturer

If your desired manufacturer has a longer period of experience, then you can be assured that they are on good terms with their customers. However, as long as PCB manufacturers cherish their brand and reputation, it will be less likely for them to make mistakes. Moreover, they know how important it is for them to deliver quality works and services.
Find out how many customers are on their list of clients

Genuine PCB manufacturers do not hesitate to show you the list of their new and old customers. They can even provide pieces of evidence on how strong their relationship was with the old customers and why they left.
What makes them different from other manufacturers
Ensure that your desired manufacturer has a unique difference from its competitors.

How fast is the delivery timeGood PCB manufacturers do not joke with delivery times because they know how consistency can help their reputation. Unmissed delivery times increase their level of integrity on customers.

Find out whether they are manufacturers or brokers

To know this, ask your manufacturer the PCB manufacturing processes. If he gives you a full explanation of how it is done and inspected, then you can be relaxed.
In general terms, these are the ways people identify good PCB manufacturers:
They go to their website and read reviews
They meet manufacturers in person and ask some few questions
People also surf PCB manufacturers’ website thoroughly for fuller details and knowledge on what they can offer.

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