The city of Mumba isn’t only the financial capital of the country, it’s also the cultural hub. However, being an overly populated city, life in Mumbai is quite different from other cities.

Mostly, residents in Mumbai live in multi-story residential complexes. This is why the demand for 2 BHK apartment in South Mumbai, the most prestigious locality in the city, is on the rise. Having said that, some people also opt for bungalows and villas for a more comfortable and private lifestyle.

With this, today we’re going to tell you some special and extraordinary housing traditions of Mumbai. Continue reading to enlighten yourself!

Creative Use of Available Space

You must be aware that the living spaces in Mumbai are quite cramped and lacking space. As a result, Mumbaikars have found their ways around this prevalent issue and transformed their available spaces creatively into multipurpose ones. Most people living in Mumbai use their living rooms or halls as dining rooms, drawing rooms and even bedrooms when they’ve company.

Likewise, people who want open green spaces or gardens make use of their balconies to make one. Trust us, having a balcony in a city like Mumbai is a privilege that only a few get to enjoy. Therefore, if you’ve one, make sure to use it to the fullest and build your own garden.

Dedicated Religious Spaces

Indians are mostly religious beings. Although there are many religions that are followed in the country, most Indians are Hindus. Therefore, you will find dedicated religious space in almost every home over here. The majority of Indian families put in much of their energy to decorate and maintain their temples. Sometimes these spaces are made in the centre of the living room and in some houses, separate rooms are dedicated to them. Similarly, you’ll also find ethnic decorations in these areas such as tiny bells, special lights, flowers and candles.

Modern Spaces with Traditional Touch

Mumbaikars sure know how to make full use of combinations, as you’ll find all sorts of traditional stuff in even the most modish living spaces. People of this city sure know how and where to display their culture and heritage and it is clearly evident in the houses of Mumbai.

You’ll find everything here from oversized mirrors to lush carpets, mythical sculptures to life-size lamps and even indoor swings. Almost all houses have some sort of traditional touch using their cultural relevance. A prime example is Rangoli that you can find at the entrance of every house.

Sophisticated Jaali Patterns

Whether you are inspecting a 2-BHK flat for sale in South Mumbai or a bungalow in another area, you will find the use of sophisticated jaali patterns. The use of Jaali, a screen of intricately carved cutouts on wood or metal, is another consistent feature that you’ll find in many houses located in the city. 

The basic reason behind the use of this cultural component is privacy. Indians, by nature, are very conserved about their privacy and they want to keep their family lives private. So, by using jaali, you can ensure that no one can peek into your house directly as it will provide a kind of blockage in the view.  

Similarly, as jaalis create a partitioning effect, you can use them to divide any space subtly. This can prove to be a handy trick, particularly in small spaces such as apartments where jaali can be used to separate the main hall into different areas. Therefore, if you want to sell your flat for sale in Byculla at a good price invest in some jaalis.

Heavily Carved Wooden Furniture

Exquisite and profound furniture is an integral part of Indian heritage. You can find richly carved wooden furniture in all Indian homes as it’s a permanent component of their culture. However, people belonging to different ethnicities may have their typical furniture as well.   

The typical traditional furniture in India is a blend of traditional English style with inlays of traditional materials such as ivory. Furthermore, it adds value to a property as well. So, if you want to put up your furnished flat for sale in Byculla or any other prominent location in the city, make sure the furniture matches the taste of the target market.

Multiple Generations Living in One Place

Another beauty of India is the strong family system. The majority of the Indian families live together i.e., you’ll find different generations living together under one roof. Despite the modernisation with which nuclear families came into being, still, a good number of Mumbaikars live with their parents. Even if they aren’t living in the same place, they live quite nearby.      

These are some of the unique housing traditions that you can find in almost every house in Mumbai.

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