Watersports in South East AsiaWatersports in South East Asia


South East Asia is a land of wonders; from quintessential tropical beaches to ancient temples dating back to the prehistoric epochs, the countries here have it all. Among other things, the countries in SouthEast Asia are well known for their watersports as well.

Whether it’s kayaking through underwater river caves or parasailing on picturesque beaches, one has a lot to choose from at the beaches here. These sports are of a varying thrill value, which means both experts and novices alike can try their hand. Here are some of the best places to visit in South East Asia for water-based adventures: 

White Water Rafting in Borneo, Malaysia: Home to swift rivers with fairly challenging rapids, white water rafting in Malaysia is a treat for any water adventure enthusiast. The Kiulu and Padas rivers are two of the top rafting locations in Borneo. While the former features fairly gentle Grade 1-2 rapids, and can be attempted by beginners and novice rafters, the latter is generally more challenging and features seven fast rapids with names such as Headhunter, Cobra Point, Snake House and so on. Although the milder rapids can be tried by all, the swifter Padas ground is ideally suited for those seasoned in the sport. 

Kayaking in HaLong Bay, Vietnam: Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay is famed for its emerald green waters; and one of the best ways to explore the beauty of this island city is through kayaking across its many channels. There are several places to embark on a kayaking adventure here, each more magical than the other.

While the fishing villages and the island beaches are generally more sought out by kayakers, those looking for an offbeat experience go for underwater cave kayaking as well. Kayaking in itself is a fairly leisurely sport, and can be attempted by anyone with minimal guidance. For more kayaking tours in Ha Long, check out the Thrillophilia Facebook reviews.

Kitesurfing in Boracay, Philippines: Also known as the jewel of the Philippines, the beaches of Boracay are well regarded for their beauty. Among the many water sports offered here is kitesurfing, a unique and modern surfing sport where one must make their way across the waves while harnessed to a kite. The short waves and flat water at the Boracay beaches make it a perfect place for beginners to try their hand in the sport. Kitesurfing season in Boracay generally lasts between October and April each, when the wind conditions are just right for the sport. 

Surfing in Bali, Indonesia: Bali is regarded as one of the top surfing destinations anywhere in the world. No matter what the season is, there’s always surfing in Bali. The activity can be done in virtually any beach across Bali, although the beaches in Bukit Peninsula are generally regarded as the best places for it.

Barrel waves of all sizes make the beaches here perfect for surfers across all expertise. Surfing in Bali comes with the added reward of fantastic beach views; glittering white sands blend seamlessly into the bright blue waters here. The magical sunsets here make the adventure twice as exciting. Head over to the Thrillophilia reviews section to find out what people have to say about the surf spots in Bali.

Jet skiing in Langkawi, Malaysia: For those desiring to chase some serious speed, jet skiing is the perfect water adventure. With its speed rising up to 100 kilometers per hour, the jet ski cuts through the water in a smooth line. Several training schools at the Langkawi beaches offer guidance to first time skiers. Those experienced in the sport can also choose their own jet ski. Jet skiing is a great way to go island hopping as well. Rentals in Langkawi lease out rides on an hourly rate, which the rider can then take and have their own personal tour. 

Wakeboarding in Batam, Indonesia: Batam’s Cable Ski Park offers a specialized wakeboarding experience like no other. In the sport, the rider balances on one or two wakeboards as they are pulled along by a motorboat. The activity tests one’s balance and strength, and can prove to be quite challenging. Luckily, Batam has a waterpark dedicated entirely to the sport. At the Cable Ski Park, one can not only train under expert guides on the know-hows of the activity, but also test their skills on the waters there. 

Parasailing in Bali, Indonesia: A popular sport anywhere, parasailing in Bali comes with the additional reward of panoramic ocean views. In its essence, the sport involves flying suspended on a parachute while being towed forward by a motorboat below. Lifted at a height of over 90 meter above the sea, one is met with fantastic uninterrupted views of the coastline. Several beaches across Bali offer parasailing facilities. There are some training schools as well, for those absolutely new to the sport. Although Parasailing in itself has a very high thrill value, it can always be attempted by beginners under proper guidance and with prior training in the basics. Go over to our Trustpilot reviews page for more information on parasailing tours in Bali.


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