Between political pundits debating the most effective strategy for reopening states, and medical experts still remaining extremely cautious about a timeline for a vaccine, it’s difficult to know whether COVID-19 is ramping up or slowing down. Understandably, this lack of credible information can make a person feel trapped in their home while they continue to practice safe sheltering habits. But with the onset of summer, one may wonder if they must forego every activity they were planning on. Must we say goodbye for good to our vacations? Bearing in mind always the most recent information from accredited medical experts, there are ways we can take back the summer and still make some memories. 

Start Close

It may seem trite, but now is the perfect time to (re)discover the magic of your own backyard. Is there a town nearby that you’ve never visited? How about the local hiking trails or lakes? A little diligent investigation of your own surrounding area will undoubtedly lead you to some places you’ve never been to. This will pay dividends after the quarantine ends because you’ll know what nature spots are nearby and can be enjoyed without a lot of prior planning. Imagine taking a short drive and finding trailheads, fishing spots, and campgrounds you didn’t know were there. 

The main perk of shaping your weekend getaway into a local “stay-cation” is how little work it takes to get out there and have fun. There is no need to book a flight, or a car, or to make lengthy arrangements with house and dog-sitters. You are never too far from home in case of an emergency, and it’s much cheaper. 

Another benefit of starting close to home is that you will support your local economy. The more civic councils see steady patronage of local businesses, parks, and auxiliaries, the more they will allocate budget to keep those areas looking clean and beautiful. This will become even more crucial to the health of your city after the coronavirus has kept so many patrons home for so long. When it comes to local camping spots, chances are that if you look, you’ll find some great options right outside your back door. 

Work Your Way Out

Perhaps you’ve mined all the camping options within a 25 mile radius and you want to broaden your horizons. As more places in your state become available, you’ll most likely have to fight with throngs of other people who all have the same idea that you have; places to actually pitch a tent will become scarce. This is where your creativity comes in handy. 

Perhaps it’s time to search for camper areas, where people with trailers and mobile homes can go to get away from it all. The beauty of this style of camping is that you don’t have to leave much behind, and many people find it as comfortable as staying home. There are plenty of great options available for those who are looking to get into trailer camping, but if you aren’t ready for that kind of move you can still make the most of vehicle camping. If you’ve ever been to the drive-in movie theater, the concept is the same: fold the back seat, lay down blankets and pillows, and you’ve got yourself a bed! 

What’s beautiful about vehicle camping is how accessible the world becomes. Learning to love the road trip might just make camping in your vehicle your favorite way to “rough it.” 

Don’t Break the Bank

There’s one perk to in-state vacationing that is perhaps the greatest of all: the financial savings. Trips are wonderful things to save up for, but a vacation should never bankrupt you. By keeping things closer to home, you have more control over your budget and are less likely to sustain unplanned expenses, (many of which can be avoided with proper planning). 

The rest of the world may be cooped up at home, but with a little effort and an open mind, you can have a camping trip you won’t soon forget. You’ll be amazed by what’s just around the corner from where you live, and how cost efficient and comfortable camping nearby can be. Remember to stay informed on the latest health and safety guidelines from the CDC and to be prepared with all the necessary PPE if you’re going out in public. Otherwise, happy trails, camper!

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