Polished Concrete- The best floor layering

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What is Polished concrete? 

Polished concrete is a no-wax flooring material that can grind up any surface to looking fresh and glossy all over again. These high luster floors make the place seem magnificent and brighter. Commercial establishments and offices have used polished concrete for ages now. It is only now that even homeowners have decided to make the switch for the better. The machinery involved in either dry or wet polishing can turn the floor into any degree of shiny ground, somewhat similar to shining wood. It gives a clean and modern look to space and improves the overall appearance. 

Where is Polished concrete used? 

No ground would not benefit from concrete polishing. It is budget-friendly and creates a sophisticated ambiance in the place. If the site is adequately lit up, it reflects the light due to its shiny surface, which retains the glow of nay working area. Some of the places that usually require polished concrete are:   

  • Warehouses outlets and inlets 
  • Offices 
  • Automobile showrooms 
  • Hotels and restaurants 
  • Private residences 
  • Retails stores 
  • All in one stores 
  • Hospitals and showrooms 

Advantages of polished concrete 

Almost all places have switched to layering their floor with polished concrete due to the various advantages over typical flooring. In homes, polished concrete can give an aesthetically pleasing outlook. Real estate homes over the top experience come with completely polished concrete, which is what makes the photographs come out so good and make the living space pleasantly glorious. Medical facilities use it because of how it offers less resistance. Hotels and restaurants choose it because of how it perfectly compliments the overall design of their architecture. 

Some of the top tier advantages that polished concrete has are: 

  • Cost-effective: You can either get your existing floor polished or install a completely new slab of polished concrete. Either way, it is cheaper and better than the rough tiles installed often in many places. Concrete flooring comes with a reduced maintenance cost that makes it a substantial and more feasible option. 
  • Moisture resistant: Carpet flooring or even wood flooring is often not moisture resistant. It is moisture retentive which leads to either bulging or damage to the material. If the place is entirely under the carpet, it is a substantial financial responsibility to get the rug removed, cleaned, and installed again. Polished concrete, on the other hand, does not let water seep through. This makes the place dry and keeps it away from any unnecessary damage from moisture being logged in. 
  • Better reflectivity: Polished concrete is super shiny, and this is because of its high light reflectivity. It reflects a significant portion of the incident light, and due to the vast expanse, the light travels to every corner, making the space seem sophisticated, shiny, and settling. 
  • Better quality: Concrete flooring is a better option than all other flooring types when it comes to durability, sustainability, and overall performance. 

Tips to take care of the polished concrete: 

  • Some people think polished concrete is slippery due to how transparent it seems. However, that is not true. It is only slick when it has oil, water, or grease over it. Otherwise, under dry conditions, it is safe to walk and even run through. 
  • You could apply the anti-slippery gel in the more accommodating places to reduce any chances of mishappening. Polished concrete even tends to be less slippery than polished marble, so it is not challenging to trust the flooring with your day-to-day activities. 
  • Use rugs, or rubber laydowns in more crowded places such as the entrances. This marks the territory and avoids and also avoids any dirt from the outside to settle in. Although the quality and shine will be intact for a long time, it is better to take precautions. 

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