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Appcues, is a solid user on- boarding platform and works out to be a pioneer of no- code user boarding. But in no way it would mean that it works out to be the right platform.

Numerous ways are there to on- board users as your technical background or budget may have pushed you to look for alternatives to Appcues. There are paid and free alternatives that you may use for email, video on- boarding and in- product.

More about Appcues

Appcues is an on- boarding that is a user on- boarding platform which enables you to formulate an interactive on- boarding experience. The company should be the first one to do so.

Before the foundation of Appcues, there was a need for superior technical knowledge for formulating on- boarding guide. It has gone on to break the rules by providing an no – code on- boarding to the world.

Newer form of on- boarding elements are presented to the world that everyone would love today in the form of on- boarding checklists and tool tips. They have been in this domain for a considerable period of time and there are thousands of users on this platform.

Though customers find the platform  capable and valuable, though the users complain that the product is expensive. The UI along with the implementation is complex for the non- technical people.

Appcues possess three types of pricing plans

● An essential package starts at $ 249 a month and when billed annually is 250 MAU

● The growth package starts at $ 849 a month and billed annually at 2500 MAU

● Coming to the enterprise packaging it does not have a set pricing as you may require a custom quotation.

The major benefit of Appcues is its flexibility. On to the tooltips you may zero in the custom code to run scripts, change their appearance or insert buttons that undertakes custom actions.

Why there is a need for an alternative for Appcues?

Appcues competitors have intensified in the last few years. It can be  OG of no code user boarding with viable features, but it is not that perfect. There are a few options and reasons exist why Appcues alternative may be suitable one for you.

For the users to adopt this feature it may take some amount of time, and for non- technical people it becomes worse. The set- up is really complex for the non- technical people to pull it up.

To begin the journey with Appcues is itself a bumpy road ahead. There are no doubts to the fact that Appcues commands a higher price that most of its competitors in the market.

For the same MAU, the starting price is 2.5 times more expensive along with features in comparison to its own competitors. In both essentials and growth packages the MAU is limited to 2500 so if you are an active user you need to pay extra.

One of the main reasons why Appcues is rated to be complex is due to the comprehensiveness of its settings and features. It goes by the name of feature bloat where a company would  be taking a plethora of features that would be too detailed for an average user to be using the product.

The best alternatives of Appcues, provides interactive features providing simple features that provide you with the best results with minimum effort. It would be in the vertical of user on boarding.

Appcues is not going to have the best history, when it relates to customer support. It is a well-known fact that the larger enterprises would get topmost priority and the small business houses need to wait for a day to obtain a response.

Among the various alternatives in the market UserGuiding turns out to be the most popular option. There are some features that make the tool preferable like customer support, simplicity and an innovative approach as far as the product is concerned.

Customer support would always be there for you, as clearly sending feedback to the product team so that they would be able to act and improve on the same. The tool is relatively simple to use and no technical knowledge is necessary to be using it.

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