In today’s time, it’s hard to maintain a relationship with customers but it’s crucial these days. Your goal is to meet the target audience and want your customers to stay in your work, make sure you apply the best strategy and concepts for that. Now regarding the communication what you think that customers need? A platform where they can find communication level effective and they don’t find any kind of disturbance when communicating with clients. We have the most feasible solution for you and that is Twilio. Why?

Outright Store is offering the Twilio extensions for your CRM business which can help you to reinforce your business and can make communication level stronger than before. Are you finding excellent platforms for your business? Allow us to share the names of the extensions. We have jotted down three points are given below:

  • Twilio Auto Dialer
  • Twilio Click to Call
  • Twilio SMS

Twilio Auto Dialer

Daily you got a call from your customers on CRM and we guess many of you find the situation quite tricky regarding maintaining communication with every customer. The best plugin we are going to present here and that is Twilio Auto Dialer. Why? If you have this question then let us clear you as sometimes you have to dial numbers of your customers again and again and this is a totally hectic situation.

Twilio Auto Dialer may assist you to manage multiple calls at a single time as you don’t have to dial a number one by one. Worth to use! This automatically calling concept can help you in your day to day business activity and of course, you all agree with this that it saves your precious time and your high efforts regarding communication.

Furthermore, most of you want to hear the old conversation again but sometimes you can’t find that recording. You can try this extension where the entire recording of your customers will remain safe.

Twilio click to call

This extension is quite different from the above one but an excellent extension to take your communication level on the higher one with customers. The name of this extension is Twilio Click to Call which plays an essential role in CRM business as you just have to tap on the number one time that’s it.

It manages the single call at one time and yes, it saves your efforts too. The extension can be beneficial for the businesses like call centre industry as here also you can save the recordings of your customers whenever you want to.

 It has many such exceptional features like Save notes in the inbound and outbound call, Call directly goes from SuiteCRM interface, save your quality of time, maintain a good relationship with customers via communication and many more. Moreover, always a pop-up appears on your screen when your customer calls you and also options to accept and reject it’s up to you whether you want to pick up the call or not.

Twilio SMS

Sometimes you all like to communicate with your customers with the help of SMS so why don’t you strive for a platform like Twilio SMS which can complete your job with the great features of it. We will tell you how as you have seen that sending SMS one by one may take so much time. 

Going with Twilio SMS you just have to tap one time only and you can send SMS in bulk to your contact members. Amazing! Not only a single feature it has as you are able to use SMS templates for your customers which most of the customers need. 

Even if you want to stop the conversation then it is possible just type and send STOP that’s it. An opt-out option will help you with this task. And yes, the conversation of your SMS with customers you can save it for sure.

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