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Do you have the most colorful and amazingly smelling floated candle collection? Product presentation matters, and during these times when people prefer shopping online, you have to ensure the safety of packaged items. Packaging with protective inserts would keep the candles safely stored on shelves and during delivery. You can create a likable experience for the customers by handing over and sending their ordered candles in boxes with dividers. Sustainable and striking custom packaging would make your brand’s name worth remembering for the shoppers. The boxes would display your attention to detail and professionalism. 

You need to have a competent packaging solutions provider by your side for getting the boxes and inserts printed. Have the divider insert packaging printed with stock that is resistant to moisture, shock, heat, and other tampering factors. For first time shoppers, the boxes would be an impression that they will have about your business. You shouldn’t ruin it by compromising on the quality of divider packaging. When looking for service providers, you should give preference to a vendor that uses the latest techniques. The printer ought to be well-acquainted with the most preferred styles for divider boxes. You should explain your product range and packaging requirements in detail. 

A delightful design for the boxes would make them riveting for the potential buyers. You can have artwork variations for the different candle flavors. For instance, you can get flower-themed packaging for floral candles. 

Here are some more tips for printing your boxes with inserts!

Packaging should fit the Candles Well 

You should share the specs of the candles in written with the printer. If you intend to package 6, 9, or 12 items in one box, the vendor should know about it. Get the dividers samples made before ordering in bulk. This would allow you to check the size and other issues. The insert packaging should keep the candles safe from scratches and getting melted. You should make sure that the size dimensions of dividers are perfect for the products. 

Customizing the Box Insert Dividers 

Get the packaging with dividers custom made with an attractive style. The boxes should be engrossing enough to intrigue the shoppers into viewing the candles. You can ask the printer to share the layout for dividers that retailers like these days. You can take suggestions from the box manufacturer or get inspiration from online images. The packaging should complement your décor accessories.

Utilizing Packaging for Promoting your Business

Use the box insert dividers for strengthening your standing as a customer-focused business. You can tell the buyers about your distinctive candle and other home accessory range through the packaging. If you have custom gift candles for events, promote them. The boxes should have your brand’s core values and best consumer service practices that you strive for. 

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Packaging should have information about the number of candles, instructions on how to light them, along with care cautions. If your candles are handmade and organic, highlight it. The boxes should also have names of the products printed with a lively font. Don’t forget to mention your e-store’s address and social media profile details. This would effectively assist you with improving sales and your brand’s exposure.

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