After all the hard work you have done for a well-written document – it is time for the final edits! You have written the draft, reviewed it, another draft compiled it, then re-reviewed it, and then the final version is here. But what if you are missing the most crucial part? We know, you have understood what we are talking about! So, if you are also here to learn pro tips and techniques for best proofreading and editing – we got you covered!

We know how embarrassing it can be if you have emailed an important file, full of errors to your CEO. And therefore, it is always important to provide error-free work! That’s totally on you, whether you want to hire an expert, or you’ll proofread it! Although, proofreading may appear to be a quick and easy task. But in reality, it has the power to crack your back!
Ouch, that’s not what we want for you.

What is Proofreading?

The proofreading part of the final edit entails reviewing your own writing for flaws such as typos, grammatical mistakes, missing words, and formatting errors. On a side note, proofreading must not be confused with the term copyediting. Proofreading and editing only care about the final phase of a document to be as understandable and clear as it can get.

Can we proofread and edit on our own?

Although there are many proofreading services in Canada, one can also edit and proofread the content on their own.

  • Proofreading your own written content is less costly.
    It only depends on a few good software you are buying or sites you are paying to get their proofreading services. If you believe, you can write like an expert – then be confident as the editing methods aren’t much difficult.
  • To hire an expert proofreader, you can get the document within the provided time frame. But if you think your document isn’t much longer and it can be done within no time – then go ahead! Because you can do it too.
  • You can also ask your friend to help you in the proofreading and editing process. A helping hand can assist you in detecting grammar errors more effectively.

10 Best Tips to Proofread and Edit In No Time

In this blog, we are penning down some tried and tested proofreading and editing tips for you!

  1. Take a break

If you are the author of a particular piece of writing and you have to proofread a document – then take a gap. Then open the document after a few hours and you may have a concise and gripping eye on the content.

  • Get a hardcopy

The professionals of book proofreading services have suggested getting a hard copy of the text you have written. Hardcopy is much easier to detect any spelling mistakes or grammar errors that you have made in your document. You can easily edit and proofread the file whenever you want!

  • Follow the guidelines

Ensure you are following all the rules to have a good document on your hand as an end result. If you are working for a company or a client, keep the instructions given for proofreading in your mind. If you are editing and proofreading content for yourself – check where you need to pay extra focus! It’ll help you to stay on track and think properly about what’s missing.

  • Read aloud

One of the best proofreading & editing tips is to read what you have written slowly. Read it out loud so your brain is able to capture the words fully and understand what you are saying. It will help it to pick the errors you have made unintentionally while typing.

  • Try not to make it wordy

There is no need for excessive words. Your content must be up to the mark while directly hitting your aim. Too many words lower the readability of a write-up. Readers may lose interest if you are not on the topic. So, make sure to stay relevant to your topic and answer only what’s being asked.

  • Focus on the sentence structure

An on-point sentence always has a subject, a verb, and then a complete thought to express your idea. So, check whether the sentences are meeting all the specific points or whether they are missing something. Also, do not forget to focus on punctuation.

  • Use software

Technology is taking up much greater space in our lives. What to do now? Get a thick amount of advantage from it! There are several grammar and spelling tools that will help you to highlight errors in your text. Not only that, but the plus point is – these tools and software also help in correcting such mistakes.

  • Check the facts

It is vital to check the facts you have stated in the document. Missing out words or quotes doesn’t leave a good impression on a reader – if he is already aware of it. You can also verify the time, date, or number you have jotted down in your text. It is one of the common mistakes that writers tend to make.

  • A comfortable place

To get the best proofreading and editing done – the most important thing is to concentrate.
But one may not focus on what’s written enough if there is too much noise around! So, to be in your comfort zone – you can get a peaceful room and a clear workstation. You can also try to stay away from your cell phone or avoid checking emails. It will trouble you less in getting distracted!

  1.  Hire experts to proofread

You can hire experienced writers to work for you. But that’s okay if you are willing to get your work done on your own. You can also get certified proofreaders to help you lower your burden with your editing skills.


If you are looking for some proven tips and techniques for best proofreading & editing then hang on there! We know the importance of proofreading a document. And that is why we want to see a happy smile across that face. Therefore, in this blog, we have talked about all the tips that you need to know for error-free content! Hope to see you making the most of these tips.

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