Amidst rising terror attacks and uncertainty, we must take all the steps to keep ourselves safe. Earlier, the need to protect oneself was just felt by army officers, law enforcement agencies, and people working in high-risk zones. But with the rising danger and threat around us, even civilians have become cautious of their safety and take all the possible measures to protect themselves. This is one of the biggest reasons for the rising body armor market in the world. Body armor has been the only support of law enforcement agencies because they are always at risk of being killed and attacked by opponents. Most army officers and police personnel have lost their lives because the soft body armor could not protect the uncovered parts of the body. 

Body armor has been regarded as the essential safety equipment that provides ballistic protection to law enforcement agencies. You might not be assured of complete safety, but you can permanently save your internal organs. When body armor is worn by armed personnel, you will see that this protective clothing will absorb or deflect physical attacks. There is various body armor for different threat levels, and you have to choose the one that fits your needs. Apart from that, selecting the right kind of body armor is imperative so that it doesn’t restrict the wearer’s mobility. Hence, a proper buying guide must be followed when you purchase body armor for various threat levels and get yourself the highest ballistic protection

Occasionally wearing body armor might not be a very big task. But when you are in a law enforcement agency, you must wear body armor almost daily because you can face a terror attack without warning. These invaluable pieces of equipment might not be completely stabproof, but they can help you perform better on a daily basis. However, there are specific problems that you might have to face when wearing body armor. Here are a few of them listed below:

Impairs mobility: One of the most important things to be kept in mind when buying body armor is that it should fit you well. But if you wear body armor every day, you might face issues with performance and mobility. Also, there might be sudden pains and problems with your back, neck, and other body parts because the weight of the body armor can become extremely difficult to carry. 

The decline in wearer’s performance: Another problem that armed or police officers might face is the lack of movement, which can bring down their performance. Because the body armor is too heavy, it can lead to an increased heart rate and excessive heat production. Especially in hot areas, you might see that it becomes very difficult to carry the heavy weight of the body armor and walk distances. There is a very high risk of developing cardiovascular illnesses when wearing body armor every day. Partial protection: Most manufacturers might be guaranteeing that their body armor might provide you with complete protection, but this is a misconception. There is no such body armor that offers full protection. You might see fewer injuries, but when you are exposed to gunshots, there is no protection for the limbs, face, and neck.