It is not something that you can set and then forgot about it if you’re using eBay Listing you need to be smart. If not used properly, you could end up in a loop of falling profits and escalating fees. Along with multiple services eBay has also offered a simple advertising scheme to promote listings. you only have to choose the items and their pricing that you want to promote, eBay then boosts the products from normal positions to fourth or fifths from the top in the search results.

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by the sellers about promoting their eBay listings.

1.   How much does eBay Promoted Listings cost?

If you choose to use a promoted eBay listing, you will never have to pay more than just the rate you select for your products. As you select your percentage rate for each listing, you won’t have to pay more than the rate you have set yourself.  The google ads or amazon ads cost more as they work on the cost-per-click programs. But even if you use the promoted listing you will have to compete with other sellers too who are using promoted listings.

2.   How do I know if I am paying more than I need to?

Well, frankly there isn’t any way to know if you have set your rates of promoted listings too high. It won’t tell you if you are paying too much. However, if you feel that you may have set high rates you should slowly decrease the percentage of it.

3.   Which items should I use Promoted Listings on?

When it comes to deciding which of your products in eBay listing needs to promote, you need to think very strategically. Some of the products help themselves while some of them require more attention. The products for which promoted listings can be good are mention below:

  • New product lines.
  • New listing ideas such as kits and variations.
  • Seasonal products.
  • Liquidating old product lines.
  • Products that are already selling well

Along with all of these, seasonal products are also very important for promotion.

4.   What kind of items are not right for Promoted Listings?

Even though promoted listing can be profitable but few products are not a good fit for promoted listings i.e.

  • Listing that has a weak sales history
  • Rare collectibles and unique items

If someone has to buy a unique item, they will search for it as they know exactly what they want so wasting your money on such items isn’t a great idea.

5.   Why use Promoted Listings for bestselling products?

As the promoted listing is more effective for the products that already have good sales rates in your eBay listing, eBay recommends that the seller use promoted listings on these products.   The only way to settle this is to try promoted listings for some time, you can calculate the profit and sales both, with or without advertising. 

6.   Does eBay Promoted Listings work?

The answer to it without any description is yes! eBay promotion does work for your sales. It is a really good tool for boosting your products in search results. This promotion can help you grow in your sales. It depends on how competitive your product category is, but it surely has some effect.

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