Promote Your Business Easily With Pre-Rolls Packaging – 6 Handy Tips


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Pre-rolls are ready to consume a form of cannabis prepared by a CBD vendor, dispensary, or brand. They save you from the hassle of grinding, roll and sealing the cannabis flower in the form of a joint. Pre-rolls are usually available in various flavors and vary in their weight and potency. Soon after manufacturing pre-rolls on large scales, the companies started focusing more on their packaging. Due to it, the market competition increased drastically. Pre-roll packaging is now considered the best means to promote your business. It gives good exposure to your brand and makes your products more recognizable to the target audience. This article is all about some of the handy tips you can adopt to promote your business more effectively by using pre-roll packaging:

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1: Create A Package That Resonates Well With Your Target Audience

Pre-roll packaging is becoming a rising trend now. No one of us would like to grind the flower and then roll it. Going through this long time-taking process seems a daunting task. It’s why most people these days prefer to purchase ready-made joints, which they can immediately light up as soon as it comes in their hand. Now the question arises that if you are running a pre-roll joint business, how can you retain the quality of your products?

Well-designed pre-roll packaging is the best way to protect your delicate pre-rolls and promote them more effectively in front of a large audience. Packaging is the face of your brand. So designing it in a way that resonates well with your target audience is the key to success for your brand, as we all know that the use of pre-rolls is only limited to elders. It is prohibited among youngsters.

So their custom packaging boxes should be designed accordingly. Use mature colors rather than bright and vivid ones. The imagery should also give a professional and elegant look instead of evoking the element of fun. All the information should be listed clearly and comprehensively. Thus, your custom pre-rolls packaging is the best way to promote your business by targeting the right audience.

2: Highlight Your Brand’s Logo

Another effective way to use your pre-roll packaging is to highlight your brand’s logo. The advertisement through your pre-roll boxes is not much difficult. Just consult an excellent graphic designer to get the most creative logo for your brand. You may also discuss some of the best promotional ideas that may prove beneficial in this regard. Also, go for printing your slogan, tagline, or any other branding message on your pre-roll boxes to engage customers more. 

3: Include Your Social Media Presence

Nowadays, almost every business has made its account on social media to interact better with the customers. In the case of your pre-roll brand, if you have established your social media presence, never feel reluctant to share it with your customers. Print the link to your Instagram profile or Facebook page at the bottom of the backside of the box. It gives them an idea that your brand is in line with the market trends, and they can gather almost every little detail about it.

4: Create A Unique Packaging Design

Per-roll businesses increase daily, with many vendors introducing more efficient products. The key for a successful business is to be distinctive in your field. Whether it’s packaging or the product, always try to make it unique and up to date. A great packaging design helps in grabbing the customers’ attention in seconds. You can experiment with several new shapes to add more appeal to your packaging boxes.

In the case of pre-rolls, it can be anything like a flip-top box, a box with a separate lid, tuck end box, a sleeve, gable box, the one with bottom closure, and a lot more! When customers get their products in well-designed customized packages that are different from others, it helps retain their interest in your brand.

5: Make Your Items More Presentable

In addition to providing an excellent aesthetic display, working on the internal presentation of your pre-rolls is also necessary. It might make you spend a few extra bucks, but the investment is worth the cost. First of all, your pre-roll package should be convenient to use, and the items inside should be easy to access. People do not like excessive work. The packages that are hard to open or a customer has to spend a lot of time opening them leads to a reduction in sales. It would never impress the customers, and they prefer switching to some other brand.

On the other hand, displaying your products adorably and making them consume easily can promote your business well. Pre-rolls look just like cigarettes, so you may use inserts to display them nicely. Color the box internal or introduce your brand’s logo or a random print. You may also enclose your pre-rolls in a tissue wrap to provide an elegant display. Placing a custom thank, you note inside, or any other promotional material engages customers emotionally. Working on all these aspects helps in proving a wonderful unboxing.

6: Make Your Branding Notable

Designing your custom pre-rolls packaging more professionally is the best way to grab the attention of smokers and non-smokers. Standardized boxes do not attract users anymore. Making your branding notable by highlighting various important details can promote your business more effectively. Not everyone smokes cannabis pre-rolls to be high. Some of them also use it to get rid of pain and other health benefits.

It’s the point where your branding should be according to the use. In the case of medicated-related benefits, use a minimalist style with light and natural colors to create an elegant look. However, you may go for less proper packaging and vivid colors to arouse the customers’ interest for recreational purposes. A suitable branding theme will make your business more exponentially.  

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