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All you need to know about Athena EHR

Athena health is an award-winning provider of medical software’s that prides itself on being the industry disrupter. The company claims to have a network of over 160,000 clients along with 117 million patients distributed all over the country. Not only that but it is one of the largest Electronic Health Record (EHR) companies in terms of employee headcount – more than 6,000 workers are currently employed. 

The versatile system comprises 5 modules; Athena Collector, Athena Coordinator, Athena Clarity, Athena Clinicals, and Athena Communicator. Each of these are designed to tackle a specific function in a medical facility to boost clinical, operational and financial performance. This Athena emr reviews highlights the pros and cons of using this system and then later concludes whether it is worth investing in or not. 

Pros of Athena EHR

Improved efficiency

The reason behind investing in an EHR system is to augment efficiencies at work. The latter is made possible thanks to the impressive features that athena EMR offers. For the purpose of improving financial health, the system will mention potential red flags and will provide guidelines as how to rectify them. It will also extend methods to boost productivity after identifying gaps where improvements can be made. The EMR system manages claims on a doctor’s behalf, conducts eligibility checks and highlights denied claims.

Encourages strong patient relationships 

An interactive patient portal is offered through which patients can communicate with practitioners through email and web messages, request for prescription refills and review their expenses. The portal also makes specific arrangements for patients that require greater care. Since patients and medics mutually decide on an appointment date, chances for a no-show are less. Patients can also make payments online and can receive medical consultations at home through the system’s telehealth feature.

User-friendly Interface

Athena EMR features an easy to use and understand dashboard that shows at a glance all scheduled appointments, unpaid expenses, claims and reports. The system is extremely user-friendly, even for users who are not tech savvy. Accompanied by an orientation training, any user can get hands-on with the system and can use it to derive maximum benefit from it.

Organises intensive information 

One advantage of using Athena EHR is that it makes maintaining a digital record of information easier and paperless. A central EHR database is created where patient information is recorded and consistently upgraded as patients receive consultations. Patient profiles are updated in real-time and can be shared with a number of specialists, pharmacies and laboratories. The system also saves time by scanning and uploading existing paper charts of patients.

Cons of Athena EHR

High price tag 

The biggest drawback of Athena EMR is its cost. Many small-scale and medium-scale enterprises find it difficult to afford the advanced EMR system. Many users find that the software is charging higher when compared with competitors in terms of number and quality of features offered. No free trial is offered to potential clients and users are also required to pay more for additional features they want implemented.

Poor customer service 

After consulting with a number of users of Athena EHR system, the majority of them mentioned how customer support is less to none. When a client forwards an issue then a ticket gets lodged and some say it takes up to 3 weeks to resolve them. Additionally, some state how they need to discuss their problems over and over again to different representatives. Not only will this add to the user’s frustration but can cost the facility time, money and even its reputation.  

Longer implementation time 

Another disadvantage of using Athena EMR system is that it takes a long time for it to get implemented. Other EMR systems are up and running in no time while Athena takes it good time. The process of data migration is as slow as the implementation. Since the system inhibits multiple features, not everyone can implement it and requires an implementation specialist to set up the system. All these lengthy time periods will take away the practitioner’s motive of providing care to resolving administrative issues.

Should you invest in Athena EHR?

The industry leader in medical software’s, Athena EMR system prides itself on providing a number of advanced features. Not only does it improve the efficiency of an institution but promotes viable relationships with patients, provides a user-friendly interface and organizes loads of information in a seamless manner. However, the system is heavier on the pocket, customer service is lacking and implementation and data migration time is longer than the industry average. So should you invest in Athena EHR? This Athena emr review concludes that this system will work the best for large-scale facilities that have a sizable clientele and busier daily operations. Small and medium enterprises should consider investing in other affordable EMR systems.

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