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What is an EHR?

The term EHR is heavily used in medical practices especially those which are based in North America. But what exactly is an EHR? It is basically a software which helps you digitize all your patient related records and essentially help make your medical practice paperless. But this is not the only function that EHR has these days. EHR systems are capable of taking care of everything related to your medical practice now; from practice management to billing, these software are capable of doing it all today. And Meditech Software is one of many options of such software that are available in the market today. In this piece we will be discussing the various pros and cons of Meditech Software reviews so that we can help you come to the conclusion of whether this software would be right for your practice or not. 

Pros of Meditech Software

User Friendly

Meditech Software according to the various Meditech Software reviews available online is very easy to use and has an incredibly user friendly interface. A lot of users on occasion have commented on the ease of access and the aesthetically pleasing visuals this software has. And of course, easy to navigate software is a top priority especially in medical practices since making the process more efficient is the main goal. 


Another important feature of any EHR is how the billing is fit into the equation. Most good EHRs these days have billing software available as well which are easily integrated into the system. Of course, Meditech software also has this option available within it and the integration for the billing software with the EHR is perfect and causes no issues. The software integration is great which helps make things simpler for you and helps you keep all your patient related information from patient history to patient billing in one place. This feature alone according to various Meditech software reviews is worth the Meditech software pricing. 

Patient History

Another great feature that this software has is the patient history related features. The software takes extensive patient information which gives you a well rounded idea of what the patient’s history is like. This makes it easier for you to treat patients since you have all their previous medical history, their prescription history, their test results and more. Having such an extensive history of your patients equips you with the ability to treat them better. According to Meditech software reviews, these features are very helpful in treating your patients as well. 

Cons of Meditech Software

No Undo Button

The arrow keys when using this software are only used to navigate the software. If you accidentally hit another key, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble since you will have to start everything all over again. This is an issue a lot of users for this software complain about in their Meditech software reviews as being the most annoying part of using this software. Having to be incredibly careful so you do not make any unwanted changes which set you back and the time you would have saved by using this software ends up being wasted nonetheless.  

Slow Updates

Another issue which a lot of Meditech software reviews touch upon is how outdated the software is. Usually with a lot of EHR software, you see companies rolling out new features and updates every other week but with Meditech, users complain that the software vendor does not roll out new features fast enough which creates issues for users and makes the software feel very outdated and annoying to use in general. 

Very Slow

Another issue which a lot of users complain about is the fact that this software is very slow. A lot of people complain that by the time this software loads and is ready to go, they could have been done with taking the history of the patient or doing whatever task it is they wanted to do using the software. Since Meditech software would ideally be employed in a practice to save time, this is counteractive and creates more issues than it solves. However, some users write contrary Meditech software reviews saying the software works fine for them and they do not have an issue with speed. There is however a way you can ensure you are going to be among the latter and we will discuss that in detail below. 

Should you Invest in Meditech Software

While we think Meditech software is a good option we cannot categorically recommend it to everyone because every medical practice and physician has different needs. But we can help you come to your own conclusion about this software. So what is a way that you can ensure that your Meditech software experience is positive? Well asking the vendor for a Meditech software demo is one way of making sure that the software is well suited to your needs. Another way to make sure this software is relevant to you is to make a list of all the possible features you would hope to have in whatever software you choose and then compare your wishlist of features to the features listed by the EHR you are currently considering. Hopefully these tricks and tips will help you choose the right software for yourself whether or not it is Meditech software reviews or not.

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