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Solar systems are increasingly used for commercial and residential applications because of the significant reductions they offer to utility bills. This is especially useful for business owners as they consume a lot of power when it comes to manufacturing plants and carrying out business operations

The main reason that people select commercial solar panels is that it reduced electricity bills by a significant margin. In certain small residences, the utility bill can even be zeroed down. Solar panels can last for about 25 years or more based on the quality of the materials used so you will be reaping the rewards of converting to solar for several decades. Cost of electricity from the main grid has increased and it is always subjected to price fluctuations depending on supply and demand. And for a factory owner or business owner, even a small increase can mean a significant amount because of the large amount of electricity consumed. The value of property can also be increased with solar panels. So if you are a homeowner who is thinking of selling your home, the resale value is more when you have solar panels installed. Solar is very versatile as it can be used in many different environments. You can also add a battery system to it so that you can store excess energy which can work as a backup energy system.

In an environmental point of view, solar energy is clean energy and it doesn’t result in polluting the environment. While it is not a completely environmentally friendly solution when considering production of the solar panels, logistics etc. it is still higher on the list of environmentally friendly energy sources when compared to nuclear energy and fossil fuels. A solar system is an investment and you will be able to earn from this when you select net metering. This is where you will be compensated for the excess electricity generated by the solar panels. But you will need to check with the state whether these incentives are applicable for you. 

However, when it comes to roof mounted solar, it may not be compatible with every roof type. There are some roofing materials that will not be able to withstand the weight of the panels. Sometimes you may need to replace the roof so that it can support the weight of the panels. This should be especially considered when it comes to commercial instalments where a large number of solar panels are used. But if roof mounted solar is not possible for you, you can always consider mounting it on the ground provided that you have sufficient space and direct sunlight hitting the ground. If you don’t have a large energy requirement, then the savings you get from solar will be quite low. It is recommended mostly for those who have high electricity costs. The upfront cost for solar power can be very expensive if you can’t apply for any solar financing methods. However, you can look for solar providers that have a wide variety of financing options that will make this a more economical option for you. 

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