Quick and Easy Cleaning Hacks for Your House

Cleaning Hacks


Let’s be real. Keeping a busy house clean is no easy task. Thankfully, homemakers before you have found ways to make this process easier. 

This list is a compilation of quick and easy cleaning hacks that you can put into effect in your house to keep it organized and squeaky clean. 

1. Make the Microwave Clean Itself

Food and grime can pile up fast in a microwave but cleaning this cooked on dirt is not so quickly done.

You can save yourself some time and effort by putting the microwave to work cleaning itself.

To pull this off, you need a microwave safe dish, two cups of water and two tablespoons of lemon juice. You can use fresh lemon juice or the kind in the bottle.

Mix the water and lemon juice in the dish and place it in the microwave. Turn the microwave on high for five minutes. 

As the microwave is doing most of the work, use this time to clean the outside with a cloth wet with warm water and dish soap.

Keep this cloth nearby. You will be using it again.

When the five minutes is up, carefully take out the lemon water dish and put it to the side. Don’t pour out the water just yet.

Remove the turntable and wipe it down with the cloth. Wipe down the inside of the microwave as well. Dab your cloth in the hot lemon water for stubborn food stains. 

2. Use Everyday Items for Cleaning

There are a plethora of specialized cleaning tools to be purchased but sometimes you don’t need to spend any money on these. Just look around your home.

For example, you can use an old sock to clean your blinds. Just put your hand inside the sock, spritz it with a cleaning solution and wipe each slate from one end to the other.

You can also use an old toothbrush to clean around faucets, the grout between tiles, and other hard to reach spots.

A pillowcase comes in handy when you need to dust off your ceiling fan. Just place one blade of the fan inside the pillowcase, place one hand on the top of the blade and one on the bottom and wipe the blade with the pillowcase. 

This trick will keep all that dust on your fans in the pillowcase and off the rest of the room. 

3. Use a Sponge Wand to Clean Baseboards

Baseboards collect dust and dirt faster than many of the areas in the home. Getting down on your hands and knees to clean them isn’t on anyone’s fun things to do list, so you’ll no doubt love this cleaning hack.

All you need is a dish cleaning sponge or brush wand and some liquid fabric softener. 

Find out all the details of this cleaning hack here

4. Use Olive Oil for Stainless Steel

Although you can buy a special cleaner for stainless steel it is expensive and you have all you need in your home already. Why not save yourself some money and use olive oil instead?

Just grab a microfiber cloth and dab it in olive oil. A little goes a long way so don’t absorb too much olive oil in the cloth.

Use the oiled cloth on your stainless steel appliances, wiping in a circular motion. Not only will this method clean off any fingerprints or grime but it will make your appliances shine like a pretty penny.

5. Use Rubber Gloves for Pet Hair

As much as we love our furry friends, they can leave behind a big furry mess. Their fur can be almost impossible to get rid of even with a vacuum.

You can use rubber gloves to pick up any pet hair left over from a good vacuuming. Just put on the gloves and wipe the surface from one side to the next. 

The static electricity will make the hair cling to your gloves. Just rinse them off with the water hose outside to clean the hair off your gloves. Don’t rinse it off into your sink because the hair can clog the sink. 

6. Wash Anything in the Dishwasher

The invention of the dishwasher was a momentous occasion. It saves so much time and energy in the dishwashing endeavor.

However, the dishwasher can be used for so much more than just dishes! 

You can wash cabinet knobs, microwave vent grills, hair brushes and combs, and even disinfect your sponges. 

The list of things you can wash in the dishwasher is extensive. 

7. Clean Your Oven Overnight

Cleaning the inside of your oven is one of those dreaded cleaning jobs, but you don’t have to scrub all day to get it clean. 

This method will only take one special ingredient and the hours you spend asleep. 


Finding new and more efficient ways to do everyday chores is great, isn’t it? There are many more spring cleaning tips and tricks to learn. You just gotta ask around! 

While we certainly enjoy the look and feel of a clean home, it isn’t exactly the most fun we can find in a day. 

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