React Native, The Future of Robust Mobile Applications.

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Over the past decades, the advancement in technology has taken giants from Finance to Medical industry. However, only a few sectors have witnessed enormous growth, in which the mobile app development Houston stands out as one of them.

According to the recent survey, Mobile App revenues have grown by over 15 percent each year, where mobile applications are predicted to generate more than $200 billion dollar in global revenue via app stores and in-app advertising.

Due to the diversity and blow of mobile applications in every domain, users now require mobile applications that offer flawless performance, smooth navigation and an aesthetic user interface. The increasing demand for faster, better and innovative apps has led to the urgency to make mobile applications, one of its kind and a masterpiece to engage users.

On the other side, high performance native mobile applications are not only time consuming but provide tedious deployment as if we compare it with cross-platform mobile applications that can easily be deployed, with a little compromise on the performance. To adapt to the increasingly fast-paced tech world, mobile app developers require enhanced technology to build revolutionary mobile applications to keep in sync with the demand. React Native has now emerged as a viable solution to write brilliant mobile applications, rapidly transforming the world of mobile app development companies Houston.

Reasons Why React Native is the Future of Robust Mobile Applications.

Following are the major reasons why React Native stands out from other frameworks and is now identified as the future of mobile application:


React Native, was originally introduced for iOS Mobile Applications. However, because of its amazing capabilities and rich features, Facebook extended its support for Android mobile applications as well. Now the majority of React Native APIs are cross platform, which means that app developer Houston can now build both Android and iOS through React Native, in parallel with one codebase. 

Moreover, you can also embed native code conveniently. Whenever it’s necessary to impart a more platform specific authenticity to your app. This not only reduces the development code considerably but also saves time otherwise spent writing two different programming languages for two different operating systems.


When it comes to scroll acceleration, usability, keyboard behavior and animations can play a defining role in the popularity of the app and thus, expert app developer Houston cannot ignore it.

The rich user interface developed with React Native consists of native widgets that perform smoothly along with the robust power of JavaScript, which runs the most complex mobile and web applications flawlessly, outperforming even the real native apps, without WebView. Hence, building apps with React Native isa competitive solution for developing robust applications.


Finally, React Native enjoys massive support from the developing community, and it offers many components that are readily available for use, making the app developing process much faster. This further simplifies the job of a developer.

One of the most crucial dilemmas programmers’ faces is the ability to choose the right framework or library for the mobile application. Where React Native, as an option, provides a great environment, where it allows modifications and implementations to take place in parallel to the mobile application live in production, which eliminates the need to restart. Features like hot reloading refreshes the user interface when changes are made in the code and it also simplifies the iteration cycle by removing tedious re-building and deployment aspects.


Any new technology that is launched, that is relatively new, the first concern of the app’s credibility and viability is whether it is supported for the future as well or not.

Since the Facebook core Engineering team supports React Native, it has a growing community to back it. This community along with Facebook is continuously improving the under-development framework, setting advanced future goals and a promising future for mobile app development companies Houston and worldwide.


React Native is a thriving community that offers a vibrant ecosystem for the mobile app development industry. It has now become a go-to framework for the majority of software developers. Who wants to create the most competitive and innovative mobile applications?

It provides robust features like, easy access to libraries and plugins which app developer Houston can use to its full potential during the development process. The app enjoys all the prominent features of native mobile applications without compromising on the performance, all within a reduced cost, resource and time period.

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