Due to cheap surrogacy plans and medical services, Kenya always stands as the most preferred choice for most of the child seeking couples around the world. Still, when it comes to same sex parenting or Gay surrogacy, the couples may find certain issues and barriers here.

Kenya is a homophobic country that keeps an ominous perspective towards Gay Surrogacy. Hence, if you are a gay couple that is planning to proceed with a surrogacy arrangement in Kenya, you must read this blog till the end.

Is same sex surrogacy illegal in Kenya?

There are no specific rules and regulations regarding surrogacy in Kenya. Still, according to the Kenya Family act, every individual, irrespective of their sexual orientation, is free to form a family via legitimate methods.

So, we can say that same sex surrogacy or Gay surrogacy isn’t illegal in Kenya. Still, given to the homophobic nature of the people and communities, the gay couples needs to be extra cautious and careful while pursuing a surrogacy plan.

Similarly, you must get associated with the best surrogacy agency in Kenya that can help you during every step of your surrogacy journey. Moreover, if you are Gay couple, we would recommend you to not travel together while visiting any surrogacy agency or IVf clinic.

Also, the couples are not suggested to reveal the details about their surrogacy plan to any local friend or person. This way, you can always ensure the required secrecy and convenience to the entire gay surrogacy plan.

How to proceed with surrogacy in Kenya?

While, by now, you have every doubt and question regarding the Gay surrogacy in Kenya, keeping a few things in mind can ease up the whole process for you. Connect with the right and most feasible surrogacy agency that can help you start from end.

 As been cited by the family laws of the country, the intended parents  stands as the legal parents of the conceived child, even before its birth.

Also, the medical support cost and surrogacy plans are quite reasonable and this is where most of the couples chose this country over countries like UK, Canada and USA.

Gay Surrogacy Kenya is unregulated due to the absence of any legal guidelines and laws in Kenya. Hence, you must be careful and cautious while not falling into the trap of all the fake and malicious surrogacy agencies n the country.. Check about the experience and establishment of the surrogacy agency before putting your first step forward.

Is Gay surrogacy very expensive in Kenya?

Particularly, concerning Gay parents, they may need to bring along an egg donor or sperm donor during the surrogacy journey in Kenya. As of now, this is something that will convey an extra cost to the surrogacy plan.

Still, the overall cost is quite low in comparison to countries like USA, UK Canada. In any case, the standard of medical support and services are on par with some of the best and most developed countries of the globe.

Also, the Kenya surrogate mother prefers to stay with her family during pregnancy and not at the accommodation provided by the surrogacy agency or the intended parents. Well this is where the Intended parents can save on the overall cost and expenses during the surrogacy plan in Kenya.

This further will ensure that the surrogate mother is being taken care of in the most appropriate manner while being surrounded by her loved ones. The intended parents moreover need to bear the Gay surrogacy cost required for the IVF treatment that will incorporate an egg donor.

Final word

So, as you are all set to start ahead with your first step towards Gay surrogacy in Kenya, you should consider through all the viewpoints and aspects referenced above. Additionally, getting onboard with the best surrogacy agency in Kenya is highly recommended given to the homophobic nature of the country and the society.

Also, in case you find Kenya too risk for a Gay surrogacy program, you can opt for other alternative destinations like Surrogacy in Ukraine or Surrogacy in Georgia. Even though you may have to spend some extra money regarding the surrogacy y cost in these countries, you don’t need to face any social or religious barriers in terms of same sex parenting.

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