Relationship between bullying and academic progress

Relationship between bullying and academic progress


Bullying has a serious impact on students’ mental health, learning process, education, and school as a whole. Bullying can happen to any child, but kids with disabilities are more prone to get bullied. Bullying is not good for the school and creates fear for the children who get bullied. And they avoid going to school. It affects their sleeping habits and their mental condition. Many students also encounter physical problems such as stomach aches, headaches, and migraine due to bullying. Bullying decreases the student’s self-confidence and self-esteem, which affect them badly throughout their lives. Bullying has serious consequences, which make individuals suffer even after school, in personal and work life.

According to national educational statistics, one out of five kids gets bullied in schools. When students get bullied, they can not focus on their education and, as a result, take help from online assignment writing service uk for educational purposes. Bullying affects students’ grades badly, and many students even stop their education due to high bullying effects. Children who get bullied can not face the world, and it makes them avoid their schools. Many students take serious steps like harming themselves or suicide because of bullying.

According to research, when children go through severe bullying, showed a bad academic record. That proved that bullying directly affects the academic progress of students. Bullying is getting common in schools. As mentioned in, fifty percent of the children have suffered from bullying from 4 classes till 12. And seventy percent of children have seen bullying happening in front of their eyes. The most common type of bullying is verbal bullying, such as teasing, name-calling, sexual comments, stealing belonging, spreading rumors. Physical bullying happens less as compared to verbal bullying in schools. Following are the few impacts of bullying which directly affect students’ academic progress.

Anxiety and depression

Depending on the seriousness of bullying, bullied kids have to go through severe anxiety and depression. Most children do not discuss it with their parents and suffer alone, making it worse for them. They do not talk about it with their parents because they are not comfortable talking about it with anyone. Constant depressions and anxiety lead to serious steps like self-harm and suicide. It is parents’ responsibility to recognize the irregular behavior of their children. Talk with your kids and be friendly with them so that they can share their problems with you. Depression and anxiety have a great impact on education. Depressed students can not focus on their studies and fall behind in their education. They either get term behind or leave their education.

Effects on sleeping and eating pattern

Children are emotionally sensitive, and they can not take any insult on them. It affects their sleeping and eating patterns. They can not eat and sleep properly. They get insomniac at a very young age, which makes them difficult in falling asleep. All night they think about the next morning going to school and bullying, which will happen with them again. Many times they wake from their sleep with the scared thought of bullying. Parents should focus on their kid’s eating and sleeping habits if they are not eating or sleeping properly. Talk with them and know their problem.

Always feeling lonely and sad

When a child gets bullied, he is cut off from every person in his life. They do not like to spend time with their family. They forgot to become happy and always sad, thinking about the insult that happened to them. Even in school, they avoid their friends and try to sit alone. Loneliness has become part of their lives. Parents should take note and not let their children leave alone. Always try to be with them when they are sad. Be your child’s friend, take them to their favorite place, and always keep them engaged so they do not think about the bullying.

Loss of interest in their favorite activities

When children lose interest in the activity they previously loved, they may be getting bullied at their school. Bullying makes children lose interest in their favorite activities. When children get bullied, they think about it constantly and feel under pressure and stressed, making them forget about their favorite activities. If your child used to play some game and now lost interest. You can make them encourage again by playing together with them. It might help them gain interest again in their favorite activity.

Effects on academic performance

Due to being bullied, children lose interest in their studies. They dread the name of the school. They often make reasons to not go to school. Missing schools affect their attendance, and they fall behind their education. Their loss of interest can also be shown on their report card with bad grades if your child performed well before and is now getting a bad result. There is the possibility that he is being bullied, which making hard for him to focus on his study. Lack of attention towards education will have a greater impact on their future.

Children who bully others also face serious consequences in their lives. According to research, bullies often lead to becoming smokers, drinkers, and sexual abusers. By bullying others, violence becomes a part of their nature, and they try to do everything with violence and force. Many studies suggested that it often leads them to commit serious crimes. They are more prone to become criminals and murderers.

Bullying has become a serious problem for the school, and it is very hard for the schools to get rid of it. But there are a few steps that the school should take in order to prevent it from happening. Schools should create awareness about bullying and its consequences on victims and bullies. Make a serious punishment for the kids who bully others. And teacher’s responsibility is to recognize the kids in their class who bully others. Sometimes it is hard to find those children. Teachers can focus on the students who show negative behavior and treat their classmates badly; there is a high chance of being bullies. Schools should set rules and new policies to prevent bullying. When schools are free from bullying, it creates a better environment for learning.

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