By using the using the channel-lock pliers, release the slip nuts that hold the drain trap, and then disconnect and take out the trap curve and trap arm coming from a sink tip and the branch drain. It will provide you with plenty of room where you can work comfortably. The bucket is helpful to catch the water in a drain trap when you remove it.

Things to do:

Plan the Layout – planning the arrangement of the drain trap components, the new sanitary tee, the pipe extension, and the air admittance valve within the way that can permit the assembly to suit under the sink. It will involve cutting areas of PVC pipe, which can also involve restricting a trap arm. The aim is to add the sanitary tee to the present configuration so that the vertical pipe extension will be inserted to connect the AAV. The careful measurements are necessary. To work properly, a bottom edge of an AAV had to be in any case 4 inches over the top of a drain trap. It is the best thought to depart as much room beneath the sink as likely by maintaining the AAV and the extension pipe to the back while ensuring that they are still reachable if you take out a trap. Chart to position an AAV as high beneath a sink as possible, whereas maintaining it accessible for their further service for tomorrow.

Test-Fit its’ Parts – cut whatever the pipe extensions are essential, then dry-fit every component together (without the glue) with a drain trap and the trap arm. Situate the whole assembly beneath a sink, with a drain trap bend situated on a sink tailpiece and a trap arm place into the latest sanitary tee. The moment you are certain that the assembly may properly fit; you may use the marker to create an alignment mark on a pipe and fitting. This can help you to rapidly align the parts properly as you solvent join them together.

Installing the Air Admittance Valve – installation of an AAV to give vent to a sink is quite easy, whether you’re replacing the old present vent or placing one in during the first time. It’s basically requires tapping into the present drain trap configuration for installing an AAV thru the latest sanitary tee fitting then the short upward additional pipe. While it’s possible to install the AAV hidden in the walls during the remodeling work, this is more ordinary to install them properly under a sink cabinet as the adaptation of a pipe joining a drain trap to a branch drain.

With every sink and every drain configuration a bit different, you must be prepared to adapt while placing the AAV. Since every house plumber is aware, it is not unusual for added adapter fittings and some other parts to become essential to fit exclusive circumstances.

Supplies and Tools You Will Need:

  • Air admittance valve and Additional PVC fittings (when needed)
  • Bucket and Channel-lock pliers
  • Hacksaw or PVC pipe cutter and the new Drain trap (when needed)
  • PVC pipe and PVC primer
  • Pipe-seal tape and PVC solvent glue
  • Sanitary tee fitting and Tape measure

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