Some types of graffiti are considered works of art and can be impressive, whereas the majority are an eyesore, and only bring down the aesthetic of the surrounding areas. No city or area is free of graffiti vandals. This is especially true for businesses and commercial properties who are often the targets of taggers. 

Graffiti removal is an important and necessary task, but it can also be difficult and time-consuming. In this post, we will outline some of the best ways to remove graffiti quickly and effectively 

What is Graffiti?

Graffiti is a form of vandalism that involves the unauthorized painting or drawing of markings on public or private property. These markings can be simple tags, but often take the form of more elaborate murals or pieces of art. Some common surfaces you will find graffiti on include:

  • Brick
  • Cement and Concrete
  • Cars
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wooden Fences
  • Metal
  • Painted Surfaces

Removing Graffiti Fast

Whatever the piece, graffiti can be a headache to get rid of. As such, it is important to remove as quickly as possible while it is still fresh. If the paint has time to set in, removal can be far more difficult. 

Not only does scheduling professional graffiti removal make the task faster and easier, but it can also deter vandals from future antics. This shows that the property or area is not an easy target and that the owners are willing to take action to remove any graffiti, as soon as they show up. 

Similarly, curb appeal plays a major role in a business’ success and passersby will make immediate assumptions upon seeing the facade. As such, prompt graffiti removal is one the many methods business owners and managers can use to keep their properties looking clean and inviting.

How To Remove Graffiti

Unfortunately, graffiti tends to be more challenging to clean than it is to create, which is why this is a task that is often best left to the professionals. Another reason to call in an expert graffiti cleaning company is that the removal of this paint often involves complex techniques and cleaning solutions that can lead to further damage if not correctly handles and applied.

Cleaning Walls

There are a number of ways to remove graffiti off a wall, and the technique used will depend entirely on the type of material and surface. A smooth surface, such as a plastered and painted wall, will generally be easier to clean than bare brickwork.

It is often easier to paint over the graffiti rather than to remove it. However, it is also possible to remove graffiti with a pressure washer.

Cleaning Wood

To achieve the best results as you try to remove graffiti from a wooden fence, use a soft-bristled brush, a gentle cleaning agent or a high-quality pressure washer. Avoid using harsh scrubbing motions, as these can damage the wood.

Your Expert Graffiti Removers

If your property is in need of professional graffiti removal, look no further than our team of experts at Water Attack Pressure Washing. They have the experience and know-how to quickly and efficiently remove any graffiti, no matter how complex the surface.

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