RoboForex is a multi-asset broker that is rapidly expanding around the world. A company with its roots in 2009 and its head offices in Belize, it provides investors with competitive trading costs and access to a wide variety of assets. It also offers one of the most competitive trading environments and provides traders with top-tier safety measures. 

How does the RoboForex bonus work?

Due to the nature of this bonus, once the trader has accepted the bonus terms and conditions and applied them, an account manager will assist them in making their initial Forex deposit. Your account bonus could take several hours or days to appear after you sign up and make a deposit. Once a trader has received a bonus, they must treat it as their own money and begin opening and closing positions in order to earn the bonus. The bonus funds are transferred from the broker to the trader once the required volume has been executed. The person’s money is theirs to do as they please after this. However, once it has been deposited into the account, trading can begin. She can shoot for the quota in order to earn the bonus. When a client meets the volume requirements, the broker can release the bonus funds to the client’s account. At this point, the dealer can do whatever she pleases with the money.

Selecting a Good RoboForex Trading Deposit Bonus

Finding accurate information that would demonstrate the best ways to choose FX bonuses is difficult when discussing bonuses. However, the following steps by Traders Union will help you choose a good RoboForex bonus:

  • Choosing a good broker

No matter how great the bonuses you are offering are, remember that the broker should always come first. Offer to open an account and make a deposit with your dependable broker on a platform that you are comfortable using and whose terms seem reasonable to you. It’s crucial to understand that making a profit is the main reason to trade, and this is viewed as your main source of income. A secondary benefit is referred to as a bonus. Then, after reducing the number of brokers to a select few who meet your needs, you begin by determining which brokers provide alluring discounts and bonuses.

  • Choose the terms of your bonus

Bonus for a few deposits Forex brokers offer terms that are difficult to meet unless you decide to disregard risk management principles. When deciding whether to accept a deposit bonus offer, everytime, go with a broker who offers terms that are attainable within the normal trading environment. It is advised to select terms that encourage buying and selling in a more casual manner. Additionally, keep in mind the number of days the broker offers to complete the trading volume, monitor the amount you have earned after a few days, and take about 80% of it. This is among the most crucial rules because some traders engage in illogical transactions in an effort to increase volume.

  • Trading the bonus

It is generally advised against using any sort of trading strategy to cascade the bonus. The main concept is to pick a bonus that will support your trading strategy as opposed to changing your strategy to fit your bonus. After choosing your bonuses, cashing out is a breeze. Trading is therefore not as crucial as selection. Even though you might experience circumstances that cause the bonus to expire, there are still ways for you to do so. In these circumstances, choose a straightforward method of calculating your trading costs for the volume, then begin contrasting it with the amount of your bonus.

RoboForex Commission per Lot

The average spread for the commission-free Pro account is 1.4 pips or $14.00 per standard lot. In its commission-based choices, where it is among the least expensive brokers, RoboForex shines brighter. In comparison to the Prime account, where the committee is reduced by 50% to $1.00, the ECN account has an average spread of 0.1 pip for a commission of $2.00 per lot. In the higher tier of the competitive range, the Prime account, equity traders pay $150 per $1,000,000 in volume in the ECN account and $200 per $1,000,000 in volume in that account.