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People who like decors and observe slight little details of a place where they visit will agree that room tours can give them an adrenaline rush. Well, just like someone is passionate about fashion, some live for technology, some have a keen interest in home decor. You must have seen lots of bloggers targeting this field of content because it is high in demand. They give you their personal room tours to give you inspiration on how you can transform your place. 

Everyone wants a house that is admirable. A place where people walk in and get lost in your decor, isn’t that a dream? I know I know you may think that these types of home decor may burn a hole in your pocket. But, not really, if you know how to do it. Every now and then, your place needs a revamping to make your place look more put together. No no, I’m not talking about changing the whole aesthetic of your place. But a little changes here and there can bring out a lot of change that you would have ever expected. Bedrooms are an important part of every house. It’s an important area you should keep in mind while revamping. Well, the bedroom is a place that should be comfy, promise a good night’s sleep. So, there are very simple yet chic ideas for a stylish yet comfy bedroom, from carefully choosing the room accessories like you can buy indoor plants online for the bedroom to picking a bedside table with the right amount of storage, here are some ideas.

Bold wallpapers
One amazing thing about wallpapers is that they are a great alternative to the same old painted or textured walls. This is a very minimalistic approach towards the decor and the impact it creates never goes out of notice. So, when looking for a classy change in your bedroom, consider replacing your walls with wallpapers. People often like to use wallpaper on one wall, you can use it on all the walls if you like. If you want to make an impact, choose a bold wallpaper. It just pops out in a room. Also, the concept of wallpapers is not very costly, so, you can consider changing them easily from time to time or whenever you are bored of the look and wish to add a new edge to your room.

Pick out tassel hardware
Tassels are an on-trend concept and they go in all sorts of things from clothes to footwear, accessories to home decor. They go well on everything because they just add a little detailing with a minimal addition. Tassels never go unnoticed because their sleek presence is a wow factor in itself. So, when thinking of redecorating your room without replacing the aesthetics, make sure that you pick up things that adorn tassels on them. For instance, your bed is something that decodes the aesthetics of the room, or let’s just skip and focus on other elements like, get a table knob with tassels hanging, or a curtain binder with lots of tassels.

An oversized planter
Lately, I have seen people becoming obsessed with pants. Whether inside or outside, these green buddies are everywhere. While you too may have plants waiting outside your home, but it’s time to bring some of these buddies inside, if you already haven’t. Well, other than scientific reasons why plants are good for health and all, one great reason to order plants online is that they provide a natural and very lively vibe to your interior decoration. Experts suggest that put an oversized plant on a plain wall, and that’s it, that will be the focal point of the wall. Also, plants will help in creating a more homely and comfy environment in your bedroom.

A statement gallery wall
We all have a wall in a bedroom that we have no idea what to do with them. If you too are still trying to figure out what can be done to make it look like a part of your bedroom, How about a statement gallery wall? Yes, it’s another trend that has been seen in many houses. People like to maintain a gallery vault in their room. You can create the same by hanging different sized frames on a particular wall. Trust me, it looks super chic and classy for a simple bedroom.

Swap to a rolling cart
If you are ready to give away any of your old furniture, then you should swap your bedside table with a rolling cart. It is a classy switch to a table. It makes a great nightstand; you can keep anything you want, a lamp, books, clock, etc.

These are a few chic yet simple makeover ideas for your bedroom.

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