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As technology advances, con artists are likewise becoming more skilled at stealing the private information of customers. For the security of their systems, all businesses must keep track of who enters and leaves their premises. Because of this, biometric technologies are becoming increasingly important in every department worldwide. Online Face Authentication known as biometrics uses the peculiar characteristics of people to identify individuals while onboarding new clients, providing security, unlocking phones, assuring regulatory compliance, etc. The face authentication solution is one of the well-known biometric technology.

Online Face Verification

Systems for face verification are deployed to offer identification services to all organizations because they have the capacity and persistence to do so in real-time. It assists in protecting all organizations from scammers who steal identities while a customer is being onboarded. Through this, salespeople are being verified, customers are being identified during transactions, and other firms are checked who are involved in B2-B and B2C relationships. A study determined that since biometric authentication serves as the most secure technology for identification purposes, it was expected that roughly 74% of clients trust this method. Companies in the finance, non-financial, administrative, retail, and e-commerce sectors employ online face authentication to protect their systems against identity theft.

The Process of Facial Verification System

A digital face verification solution that is particularly effective at identifying identity fraud and verifying dubious people is one of the practical methods of verification. It gives cybercriminals not even the slightest opportunity to carry out schemes as they choose. Some of the procedures that make up facial verification are as follows:  

  • Face Detection
  • Liveness Detection
  • 3D Facial Recognition

Face Detection

Facial detection is the initial phase in facial recognition which involves accessing a person’s face through a reliable biometric service and performing an appropriate screening process against it. Through the effective method of validation, the recognized face and the image on the official documentation are cross-matched. With the aid of this online facial recognition tool, criminals can be monitored in real time, and thorough identity checks can determine whether an individual is genuine or an imposter, or someone whose identity has been stolen.

Liveness Detection

In the face verification process, the second phase of identification involves determining a person’s liveness. This is a clever way to determine whether a person is alive by observing their live appearance. when a person’s subtle facial expressions, such as eye blinking and smiling, are picked up on. Clients will undoubtedly take a quick selfies video and make tiny movements if digital verification is needed to be completed while the customer is at their residence.

3D  Facial Recognition

In the third phase of recognition, all facial features are thoroughly identified, as well as the minor distinctive lines on the face, which denies criminals any possibility to have their fantasies come true. In 3D facial recognition, a person’s smallest characteristics and contour lines are compared to the image on an authorized document. To put it simply, 3D recognition protects systems against severe fraud situations around the world.

Advantages of Online Face Authentication

Face recognition technology is essential in many industries, including e-commerce, corporate, economic, and academic. Several benefits are listed below;

Protection From Identity Theft

The identity of customers and cybercriminals can be verified quite quickly by checking driving licenses, ID cards, and bank details, which is good for the company’s long-term success. The only need to implement KYC and AML standards for the protection of personal data is because of the widespread crime, which has a negative impact on commercial entities.

Defense From Phony Identity

Because there was no technology available to identify imposters in earlier times, crime rates were higher than they are now. At that time, people started making false copies of things and using them for their personal purposes, which is something everybody can see, and this was a major contributor to the rise in crime. But the modern era is, regrettably, the worst for hackers because they are unable to commit such identity thefts because they are afraid of being caught by the authorities and could suffer severe fines and punishments as a result.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, it is presumable that this effective online face authentication technology is providing several advantages to all governing bodies and protecting the systems from severe fraud cases. This effective method of face recognition may be carried out in real-time anywhere around the globe, which reduces the instances of fraud from the very beginning of authentication.

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