Say No To Plastic: Get Reusable Grocery Bags For Your Packaging

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Plastic, paper or reusable grocery bags – these 3 are the most popular choices owners pick as their packaging material. Well, all three have their own pros and cons, but reusable grocery bags can challenge the other two in terms of pros. Reusable grocery bags are made from materials that provide strength to the bag, making them ideal for carrying the heaviest materials. So, if you are an owner, below are some reasons why you should use reusable grocery bags as your packaging material if you are using plastic bags right now.

Benefits of reusable grocery bags

Decrease land pollution

If you research the effects that plastic has on the environment, you will be devastated. We all know that plastic is non-biodegradable, and even a little shopping bag made from plastic can take between 15 to 1000 years to degrade and decompose. Out of 100 million plastic bags used in America alone, only 1 per cent of the total is recycled. So, this clearly indicates where the rest of the plastic goes; it creates landfills. The pollution generated annually is seen floating in the water bodies or suffocating the earth. But this is simply not what happens with reusable grocery bags. These are made with biodegradable materials like cotton.

Reduce greenhouse effect

Reusable grocery bags are made from renewable resources that aid in preventing the buildup of greenhouse gas effects. A reusable grocery bag is generally made from materials like cotton, jute and bamboo. These are naturally found materials, and so nature reaps the benefits. All these renewable materials have a quick growth rate, so once harvested and new ones are planted, the growth is in quick succession. In fact, material like bamboo can be harvested without reaping off the whole plant, and so the plant continues to thrive, converting greenhouse gases into oxygen with no interference. That is how reusable grocery bags reduce the effect o9f greenhouse gasses.

Save trees

Another amazing reason to shift to reusable grocery bags to pack and sell your products is that these bags help you save trees. The nearest alternative to reusable bags are paper bags, and we all know that paper bags may not be harmful to the environment, but a lot of trees are sacrificed in their production. So, using paper bags is eventually affecting the environment in some way. So, the best way to save trees and plastic landfills is to use reusable bags. You will be surprised to know that millions of paper and plastic bags are saved every year by opting for reusable grocery bags.

Protect wildlife

You might know this, but your purchase of plastic bags can directly affect wildlife and marine life. About 1 lakh animal deaths are caused each year when animals gulp in plastic bags accidentally in search of food. But reusable grocery bags do not suffocate marine life and can help you save several lives.

Conclusion: all these benefits that reusable grocery bags have for the environment are enough to be considerate about the use of plastic bags. Switch them up with cool reusable bags to reap the benefits.

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