Soldiers have to risk their lives for the nation. They are constantly under pressure that war can occur at any time, and the enemies can attack out of nowhere. The protection of the soldiers serving for the nation is the responsibility of the government of the country. That is why the government takes care to include essential things that keep the soldiers safe to a certain extent from the misdeeds of the enemies. The military uniform of the nation’s soldiers includes armors to safeguard them against jerks, bullets, and explosions. In the last few years, the military uniform has also undergone various innovations and changes to make it better look-wise and security-wise also. The main feature of the uniform of the soldier is ballistic body armor. The ballistic body armor or the ballistic vests is also regarded as a bulletproof vest, but it cannot bear all sorts of bullets. No doubt it can penetrate bullets but not the ones which are heavily loaded. Such body armors can be better classified as bullet-resistant than bulletproof. The ballistic body armors protect the soldiers from the bullets and diverse the force by which that bullet comes towards the body. The diminishment of the force is essential to protect the life of the soldier as more force can pass by the body of the soldier easily.

The ballistic armors help in the diversification of the force of the blunt bullet leads to less harm to the wearer. The armors are brought to the market after various phases of testing. The company selling body armors after manufacturing passes it through multiple stages, and if the one passes all the tests, only then it comes into the market. The soldiers, if not on a battlefield, still should wear the ballistic vests. There are many soldiers on duty on borders, and no one knows when the soldiers on the other side of the border can attack, so these ballistic vests have been made compulsory in the uniform of the soldiers to safeguard them against such instances. If the soldier on the other side of the border fires and the soldier of our nation is not wearing a ballistic vest under the assumption of no risk, he will be injured, and maybe he loses his life. The ballistic armors come in different prices quoted on the basis of features distinguishing them.

As discussed above, ballistic armors come at different prices based on features. These features include the penetration power of these vests. If the ballistic vest can bear the force of a rifle, it will indeed be more costly than the one that can take the force of a handgun. The force and speed of the pistol will be obviously less as compared to the force of a rifle. Even There are ballistic armors to save the wearer from explosions. They are used mainly by the people employed to dispose of the bomb as they are at high risk while doing so and require exceptional security that ballistic armor provides them.

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