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Wedding is that one day every girl dreams of since her childhood. No day is as unique as the day she becomes a bride and commits to forever with the love of her life. She must look perfect with the perfect ring on her finger. A ring, especially a wedding ring, symbolizes marriage and commitment and is worn on the left hand’s fourth finger, which carries a vein directly connected to the heart. Thus ring is a symbol of the binding union in marriage. It is a promise to love and be there for each other throughout all the odds. Therefore, this engagement token should be a suitable match and choice for your fiancé. If you are planning to go on your knees and propose to your beloved to get hitched for life, then you must be in search of that impeccable piece of diamond that shines radiantly. It is hard to find “the one” ring as so many options confuse most of us. But this article is here to help you find out the ideal fit for your sweetheart. Keep reading till the end and follow these tips to simplify your selection process:

Plan your budget: A wedding is a huge event, probably the most expensive party you will ever have to throw. A ring will also cut you quite a fortune among all other wedding expenditures. So firstly, plan a budget and see how much you can spend on the ring. It isn’t necessary that you need to purchase the most expensive diamond available in the store. Your ring should resonate with your beloved’s choice and suit her. It can be a decent gold ring with just one diamond. You should stick to the budget and buy-in that range.  

Be sure of her size and choice: The wedding ring is a lifelong piece of jewel, and you cannot purchase it again, so it should be something that perfectly fits on your fiancé’s finger, and she likes it too to wear it forever. Know her finger’s size and her choice too. You can check the size yourself and have an idea or ask her indirectly. You can even ask some of her friends or any close family member who can give you an idea about her choice. 

Consider buying the rings together: If the step mentioned above fails or you cannot get an idea about the size and choice, consider going to the store together and picking the ring of her choice. You can even go for identical couple wedding rings or similar theme design rings. It will be an easy alternative if it’s okay for you not to keep the proposal a secret. 

Choose the suitable material:  Wedding rings come in different materials like gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, and a wide range of diamond cuts. There are various shapes of diamonds that come embedded in the circular ring. These diamonds are named based on their form like:

  • Heart
  • Pear
  • Oval
  • Princess
  • Emerald
  • Cushion
  • Round

Plain or Stones?:  It is not necessary to select a diamond embellishment in the ring. Some people even prefer plain wedding rings with a smooth finish. The size of the stones can also be chosen from a little solitaire to a cluster of tiny rhinestones.

Personalization: Nowadays, many people engrave the names, initials, anniversary dates, etc., on wedding rings. You may want to try that idea too. Some renowned jewellery stores help you customize your favourite ring as per your wish.

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