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Indian cooking involves a lot of heavy preparations! Ingredients like dosa paste, ginger-garlic paste, garam masala, pudina chutney can no longer be prepared manually with our hands. Let’s be honest, who has the time or energy for it?! That is why in every Indian Kitchen household you’ll find that the mixer grinder plays quite an important role. This modern kitchen appliance is designed to make our kitchen tasks much easier. If you are looking to upgrade your old mixer grinder with a new one, then we have some wonderful options for you to choose from. 

In order to determine whether a mixer grinder is right for you, you need to ask yourself what you intend to use it for. Can you tell me what a mixer grinder is used for? If you do not want to settle for a mixer grinder, you might want to consider a juicer mixer grinder online instead.

Amount of jars/size:

The mixer grinder must be the right size for your needs. It is necessary to have a mixer grinder with large jars if you live in a joint family. There are more functions when there are more jars. The best mixer grinder for you is one that has multiple jars. A Sujata mixer grinder price that is higher normally indicates that you get two separate jars for wet and dry grinding.

There is a tight-fitting lid on the wet grinding jar. Various types of chutneys can be made with it, such as coconut chutney. Typically, the dry grinding jar is smaller than the wet grinding jar. This machine can ground materials such as spices and grains into fine powders. An electric mixer grinder with two jars will be sufficient if you live alone or are part of a nuclear family.

Levels of Speed

Choosing a bigger Sujata mixer grinder price that’s bigger is better because it means you get multiple speeds. As a result, you can operate the mixer grinder at different speeds, resulting in a more versatile performance. Select a Sujata model with a minimum of three-speed settings. Lower speeds are best for processing delicate foods, while higher speeds are best for processing coarse ingredients faster and more efficiently. A machine operating at a very high speed is necessary if you wish to make a very fine paste from your material.

Rating in Minutes

Mixer grinders run continuously for a certain amount of time. It is generally safe to run it for 30 minutes at a time. Giving the motor a break is important because continuous beating and heat can quickly damage the appliance.

Rotations per minute

Mixer grinders use this metric, also known as RPM, to determine how many times they will rotate in a given period of time. The RPM of an Indian mixer grinder online usually ranges from 5,000 to 20,000. Normal tasks should be performed at speeds up to 10,000 RPM.


Motors with higher Wattages are more powerful. It is sufficient to have a mixer grinder with a power of 500 Watts in a typical Indian kitchen. In order to grind more food in a single jar, you should choose a mixer grinder with a 750 Watts motor if you have a large family. However, remember that the more Watts you have, the louder you will be.


In terms of the mixer grinder, what is your budget? How generous are you with your money, or how price-conscious are you? To determine the price of a juicer grinder, you can compare the prices of different brands. You can expect to spend more on a juicer grinder when compared to one without a juicer. It is also more expensive to purchase mixer grinders that can grind dry as well as wet ingredients.


The importance of earthing cannot be overstated. Electronic appliances can be damaged and cause mishaps, such as shocks.

Overload Protection

The mixer’s motor is at risk of being burned when we overfill our jars with material or run it for an extended period. In order to prevent this, some mixer grinders come equipped with overload protection, which acts as a circuit breaker during overloads.

Incher/Pulse Facility

The inch feature controls the mixer’s speed and prevents delicate ingredients from thinning out into a fine paste, such as parsley, boiled eggs, and tomatoes.


The mixer grinder must have a lock system for safety reasons. You cannot start the machine if the jar is not properly locked onto the main assembly unit.


The more jars and attachments a mixer grinder online has, the more work you’ll have to do cleaning it. If you’re not a cleaning person, you may want to avoid the ones with a lot of jars. For you, choosing a model with two jars that are easy to maintain would be best.


A mixer grinder’s parts and machine must be made of durable materials since it will be used almost every day. In addition to steel jars, mixer grinders with plastic lids are ideal for heavy users.


Each model of mixer grinder offered by Sujata has a different warranty. Ask about the warranties offered on the products so that, in the future, if anything goes wrong with your mixer grinder, the servicing and replacement will be taken care of.

There is a 2- to 5-year warranty on theĀ latest mixer grinders. It should be noted that some brands offer a 7-year warranty, but this applies only to the motor, not to the mixer grinder’s body.

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