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Do you all like this idea of sending one by one SMS to your customers? This is really taking a lot of quality time as you will focus on the main task of your business and just spend time sending SMS one by one. Get out of this old vintage idea as we have an extension for your organization called Twilio SMS API which is basically for this purpose. Here you don’t have to send messages one by one as in just one click, your SMS will be sent to plenty of customers that you want to deal with. Interesting! Today’s era wants such kind of extension where bulking of SMS can be sent shortly without taking up your precious time. Thanks to add-ons like Twilio SMS that give you a lot of benefits. What about the features? Not only just one or two features it has, allow us to unlock it’s functionality that how it can reinforce your goals. 

  • Do you want that your SMS conversation should remain safe whenever you need for your decision making? Sometimes your employees need that conversation for the business purpose and if you strive for our addon in your work then here the feature of this extension is it saves the conversation of every customer. 
  • Have any idea about the SMS template? Outright Store is offering this remarkable plugin called Twilio SMS API where it has a feature of SMS Template where it gives a signal to you to parse more leads for your work and make them your loyal clients. It’s hard to find out such an amazing feature in one extension for your business enhancement. 
Twilio SMS API
  • You will surely like this feature like live chat with the CRM users can be possible when you have the plugin like Twilio SMS and here you can share what queries you have and get replies on time. Furthermore, such plugins save you countless hours as no need to create SMS and then send it to every customer at a single time. Thanks to the feature of bulking of SMS here
  • Last but certainly not least as if you want to stop the conversation for whatever the reason then we suggest you to use the feature opt-out fist where you just have to type STOP and then send. This is simple. 

Not ending the content here as we believe that for the calling purpose you must endeavor for the best dominant extension that always shares the best result-driven solution. We are here to highlight one more plugin called Twilio click to call. 

Dialing the number relentlessly can be very hectic and everyone wants to come out from this tedious task. Why don’t you get in touch with the extension called Twilio click to call which can help you to manage your communication with customers more perfectly that you want? When using this plugin you don’t have to dial numbers or go for the long process as in just one click, you can manage the communication with your customers. Totally time-saving plugin! This extension is beneficial for the call center businesses where they manage an abundance of customer’s communication every minute, so if they adopt this click to call addon today it will save their efforts and ease their problems. 

  • You will not miss any call when you have this plugin because always a pop-up appears on your screen when someone calls you. This is good because when you open up a screen then it will show you a pop-up if someone is trying to connect you. Also, you will see two features: accept the call and reject the call.
Click to Call
  • Click to call is perfect for every business because it saves the call conversation of every customer. Suppose you connected with one of your customers a few days back and want to hear that recording again. It is easy to access there and can make the decision again. Call recording is everyone’s requirement these days especially for the large scale organizations. 
  • How many of you know about the default number option? Here few employees can call their customers by using a similar number. Most of the employees of your business don’t need to purchase separate numbers as many can use the same number to get connected with customers. Thanks to Twilio click to callfor offering such remarkable features. 

Eventually, I just want to say that businesses today need both extensions for their SMS basis and for calling basis. These two are the strength of the organization to take into the next level. For your SMS purpose, we believe that no other plugin can match the level of Twilio SMS as it simply opens up the magic of functionality that you have never seen before. And, if we mention the Twilio click to call then it is relevant for the calling purpose to save your extra efforts and precious time. 

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