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Seo Jisoo was born on February 11, 1994, in Incheon, South Korea. She joined the girl group Lovelyz in 2012 and became known for her vocals, imitating animal sounds on the reality show Korea’s Got Talent. After her debut, she was the subject of online harassment and was hospitalized for mental shock. The agency she works with subsequently filed evidence with Seoul Mapo Police Station, where they identified the harasser and sent him to court.

As the main cure of Lovelyz, Seo Jisoo is a seventeen-year-old girl who was known for her imitation of animal sounds during the group’s debut. After the group’s debut on the show, the singer began receiving threats and became a hospitalized patient. The agency sent the evidence to the Seoul Mapo Police Station, and a police officer was able to identify the perpetrator and send him to prison. Here are the more details about seo jisoo.

Online harassment of seo jisoo

Seo jisoo has been a victim of online harassment and has been arrested for defamation. Her contract has since been re-negotiated, but the harassment still continues. Despite the harassment and arrests, she has been promoted to stardom and has remained in the spotlight. The public is eagerly awaiting her return. When she performs, she can be seen with her sister in her favorite video. They can be found on Facebook or her agency’s website.

Seo Jisoo’s instagram account

Lovelyz’s Seo Jisoo has opened an Instagram account. The singer made the announcement on 13th May. She explained how she came up with the username “JeezePizza.” She was eating a cheese pizza when she came up with the nickname. She combined the first letter of her name with the phrase “jeeze pizza!” Her eyes are also large, hence her nickname, “Fennec Fox”. She has a love of white, red, and blue.

Seo jisoo is a member of the lovelyz

As a member of the lovelyz, Seo jisoo was initially an onstage dancer. Her impressions of animals prompted the audience to make a video with their comments about their favorite animal sounds. In addition to being a fan favorite, Jisoo has reportedly been a victim of cyberstalking. In 2013, she was arrested for harassment for “faming her fans” on her fan website. A recent rumor has revealed that she is now a victim of sexual harassment, which led to the arrest of one of her harassers.

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Appearances on TV shows

Seo Jisoo’s appearances on TV shows are a part of her public image. She has been described as a good older sister to her sister, and a legendary idol. Although her hairstyle has changed from comeback to comeback, her makeup, hair, and style have been changed frequently. Her favorite look is a light yellow dress with white socks. She also wears brown high-heeled shoes and black gloves.

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