Shadowrocket is a utility application that uses a proxy server to hide your online traffic. It is much faster than traditional VPN software and supports more protocols. If you’re worried about privacy, it may be a good choice. The program supports various protocols, including HTTPS, HTTPS2, and TLS.

Shadowrocket iOS Free Download is a rule-based utility application that routes your internet traffic through various proxy servers. It evaluates the traffic and the domain to determine the best proxy server for the situation. It then changes the proxy settings as required to protect your privacy and security on the web. This utility application works on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices and offers a free trial version.

Shadowrocket is a rule-based utility application.

This utility app is easy to use but can be complicated to configure. Using it can protect your privacy from third-party sites that require public IP addresses. The best proxy server to use with Shadowrocket is a residential proxy. Users can also change the geolocation of the proxy IPs in Smartproxy. There are currently 190 locations supported.

The app is compatible with iOS devices and Android devices. iOS users will need iOS 9 or higher to run Shadowrocket. You can also install the app on a PC through an emulator. The application uses a proxy network to route your internet traffic and filters website traffic to deliver anonymous traffic. The app has a user-friendly interface and supports HTTP and TCP. Users can also block websites that block advertisements and check whether websites are SSL-secured.

Unlike traditional VPN software, Shadowrocket has an open-source design. This free application routes internet traffic using proxies. It is faster than traditional VPN software, and you don’t need to purchase any specialized VPN software. It will even work on iCloud devices.

Shadowrocket can help block malicious websites on your mobile devices.

It also allows you to set proxies for HTTP and HTTPS traffic and encrypts all traffic to protect your privacy. You can use it on Wi-Fi or cellular connections. It even supports IPv6. Other features of this utility application include customizable proxies, blocking domino ads, and blocking ads based on your user agent.

Shadowrocket is a rule-based utility application for iOS devices that routes your online traffic through a proxy server. It also filters and blocks ads on different websites and works with iCloud and cellular connections. In addition, it features built-in analytics and can detect domain matches. Moreover, it supports plugins and v2ray. These features make it an excellent proxy application for internet speed and bandwidth management.

If you are concerned about privacy and websites detecting your online traffic, you should use a proxy server like Shadowrocket. It uses residential IPs and uses them to make you appear to be from a particular location. This helps websites not to identify you and hides your automation work. To use Shadowrocket, you can download the application from the App Store for $2.99.

It uses a proxy server to disguise your online traffic.

Shadowrocket is available for iOS users and runs on iOS 6.0 or later. This application allows users to browse anonymously from their iPhone or iPad. It offers several features, including ad-blocking and URL rewriting. Moreover, it works on Wi-Fi and cellular connections.

The application runs on iOS devices, Android emulators, and Windows computers. The user interface is similar to the Proxifier for PC. It lets you customize the settings according to your needs and ensure privacy. It also supports the DNS over TLS protocol and QUIC protocol. Its privacy features include hiding your IP address and browsing activity.

Shadowrocket also supports iOS system-level domain names. This feature starts listening before the first domain name request is sent. However, it is essential to disable Network Any election and Disconnect on Sleep before using the app. It also allows users to browse blocked sites. Furthermore, it protects users from hackers and their privacy from online threats.

Shadowrocket uses an extensive proxy network of over 31 million IP addresses from 195 countries.

It allows users to surf anonymously on popular websites while avoiding geolocation restrictions. In addition, users can customize their proxy settings and block specific websites. Shadowrocket also offers a money-back guarantee and does not require credit card details.

If you are looking for a proxy server to surf privately, you can download the Shadowrocket application. It has an easy-to-use interface and comes with a comprehensive list of proxies. The company behind this application is Oxylabs. The company’s founder, Gabija Fatenaite, grew up in a computer game environment.

Shadowrocket is a free utility application for iOS and Android devices that routes your internet traffic through proxy servers. The software works on cellular and Wi-Fi connections. The application can also protect users from IP-based bans and geo-restrictions. The software allows users to customize proxy settings and timeouts to suit their needs. It also works with proxy servers that offer HTTPS encryption.

It is faster than VPN software.

Shadowrocket is a proxy server application that is available for iOS and Android. The application redirects users to the correct proxy server for any given domain. It offers an option to customize proxy settings. Additionally, users can set a timeout for their proxy, which is helpful when a web server is slow.

This network proxy server application uses rule-based technology to catch internet traffic and route it through proxy servers. It is significantly faster than VPN software and easier to install and use. You can download it from the official website. The service is free to use. The proxy pool has over 31 million IP addresses, covering virtually every country.


Shadowrocket offers some advantages of VPN software but is much cheaper. It also supports iCloud and Windows devices. It can also use in countries like China, where the government blocks Internet access. Although it isn’t as fast as premium VPN software, it is an excellent alternative for those who want to avoid internet censorship in their country.

Shadowrocket uses proxy servers to allow users to browse the web anonymously and privately.

They use a proxy server and a proxy client to mask their IP addresses. Users can select residential proxies for privacy purposes. It supports 190 cities around the world and supports username and password authentication. Users can even choose to relocate proxy IP addresses if necessary.

Shadowrocket is also compatible with Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It is available for download from the company’s website. It supports over 31 million IP addresses and works on iOS devices. Once installed, users should select a username and password for the service and choose whether to use residential or public proxies.

Shadowrocket is also compatible with iOS devices. The app works in the same way as the Windows version. The iOS app allows users to switch between proxies, choose HTTPS, and delete new proxies. The iOS app also allows users to access websites blocked on mobile devices.

It can support more protocols.

Shadowrocket’s proxy pool has over 31 million IP addresses and a wide range of countries. The application allows users to customize the list of proxies and use different servers for various websites. The service comes with a money-back guarantee and a free trial. Alternatively, you can pay a one-time fee to test its premium service, including popular websites’ residential proxies.

To start using Shadowrocket, you need an iOS device compatible with the application. Download the app from the App Store. Once installed, configure the proxy settings and test the proxy. After that, you can add the server to your device. Once added, you can use the app to block ads and websites.

The iOS app for Shadowrocket supports multiple protocols and features rule-based security. It uses a combination of a proxy server and an advanced firewall to filter web traffic and select the most appropriate server. In addition, the iOS app also has a built-in proxy configuration tool, so you can easily choose the best proxy server for your needs.

Compatibility with iCloud and Windows devices.

It also allows you to share your internet connection with other devices. This can be useful if you are in China and need to be anonymous. The Chinese government has banned firewall-jumping applications, forcing many users to use VPN applications.

The iOS app for Shadowrocket is available from the official website. The iOS app enables users to select a proxy server and browse anonymously. With this, users can configure their iOS devices to route traffic through this server, which improves their internet speeds. Besides being compatible with iOS devices, Shadowrocket can support multiple encryption protocols and QR codes.

Users can access foreign websites anonymously using the Shadowrocket app. The app enables HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP traffic. This means hackers will have a difficult time tracking you. Users can also manage their proxy from anywhere. Users can even use the app to access US or UK websites while avoiding the danger of cyberattacks.

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