People from all over the world use digital signatures on their websites. There are so many form creation plugins in WordPress that offer this excellent integration with their tool. Today I’m going to discuss how you can create a digital signature online using a form creation plugin called DocSignPro. 

This tool comes with amazing features and integrations. So you can use it for multiple purposes on your website. The integration of the digital signature is one of them. So let’s first look at what a digital signature is.

Knowledge of digital signatures online

Digital signatures are a special application of electronic signature technology. They provide a robust link between the signer and a document in a recorded transaction. The digital signature uses a recognized configuration called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to provide the highest level of security and universal authentication.

Some geographies or industries use digital signatures to free e signature documents, either in-house or B2B and plan. All over the world, e-signatures are accepted as a supporting technology to run their digital transfiguration projects.

Hope you now know what digital signatures are. Now let’s dive into the subject.

Create a digital signature with DocSignPro

DocSignPro is the best online signature app that allows you to capture signatures from users online. They can make the digital signature with the help of their touchscreen devices, mouse, or touchpads. You don’t need to buy an additional plugin or tool to digitally optimize a signature. 

Digital signature online app first takes information, then translates it into an image, and finally saves the data along with other form fields on the web server. This happens immediately when the user signs the signature field.

Install DocSignPro to add free electronic signature in word. Now you need to buy the signature add-on from our add-on list as it is a Pro feature. Then you will see that a new field type has been added in the Advanced Fields section of the Form Editor.

The best e Signature app features

Great user experience

Ensure high user acceptance and satisfaction with a seamless, white-lettered electronic signature experience in your electronic transactions. Users can even tap-to-sign from their Android and iOS mobile devices, cell phones, or other preferred devices anytime, anywhere. 

Strong identity protection

Offers a wide range of identity verification and authentication options to ensure signers are who they claim to be before granting access to documents.

Can be used anywhere

A deployment architecture that gives you the flexibility to choose how and where you want to deploy the solution – on-premise, in the public cloud, or in the private cloud. With data centers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, we enable companies to meet data residency requirements with cloud locations around the world.

Advanced security

Protect your users and electronic documents from fraud with military-grade digital signature technology and create a high level of security for your digital transactions.

Increased compliance

The most extensive audit trails of the signature for business in the market. The ability to verify a signed document with one click. Electronic signatures from One Span Sign enable you to easily prove compliance and defend against legal disputes.

Fast Process efficiency

Keep transactions completely digital, use contract templates and apply workflow rules to streamline processes and reduce risks related to document errors, such as: B. to eliminate missing signatures and data.

Advance Field of digital signature

You will now see the form fields with drag and drop options. Customize your form in the general fields as you wish. If you click on the Advanced Fields, you will see the signature field in the list. Drag and drop the signature to add it

Edit the Signature field from Input Customization and set the options to match your page.

Digital Online signature on pdf

If you now click on the advanced options in the formula bar, you will see the editable fields for color, size, background, and frame.

Let’s see a detailed discussion of the fields of the advanced customization options.

Pad background-colours

This option specifies the color of the background in the pad of the front end. Although the white color works best as a background for better understanding, I chose a light lemon color.

Border colour

You can choose the color of the border surrounding the pad. By default, the margin for the signature field is set to 2px. I chose blue as the border color for my signature pad.

Pen Colour

The color of the pen a user will use when signing the form. I left the color black as it is used for the signature.

Pad height

You can also adjust the height of the pad in this field. In this case, I left the pad height at 250px. Take a closer look at this in the image below. Now easily create digital signatures with DocsignPro.

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There are so many free tools out there that you can use to create and download your signature. This is known as a digital signature online, and the same is true of an online signature. 

It is described as any electronic symbol or sound relating to a contract or recording in which the document is signed through the participation of two parties. The notable aspect of the electronic signature is that it can be verbal, a simple click on the box, or any authorization signed electronically.

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