A kitchen renovation is one of the most expensive home improvement projects you can undertake, both financially and in terms of disruption during construction. So, you shouldn’t renovate your kitchen unless you absolutely have to. However, because the kitchen is the heart of the home, major kitchen remodels can be life-changing. But here are some reasons for you to hire professionals to renovate your kitchen.

1. Your lighting is appalling.

A well-planned lighting scheme, including under-cabinet lighting, in-ceiling lighting, and statement pendants, can make your kitchen more functional and appealing. Lighting design is frequently an afterthought, but it can make or break the usability and enjoyment of a space. Nowhere is proper task lighting more important than in the kitchen, but we see far too many insufficient, poorly placed fixtures. No, the light bulb in your oven does not qualify as kitchen lighting.

2. You just don’t like being in your kitchen.

Homeowners should steer away from purely cosmetic upgrades, but there is no denying that appearance is important. If you are sick of looking at your wood cabinets, drab droopy walls, and dull-green appliances, it is time to make a change. Kitchens have evolved from the closed-off domain of the cook to a more open space where friends and family can gather. Your kitchen’s function has been elevated from workhorse to showpiece, so it stands to reason that you would want it to reflect your distinct sense of style.

3. Your kitchen is difficult to clean.

It is difficult enough to find time to clean your kitchen, but it is even more difficult if the surfaces are so worn or poorly designed that they never appear clean. Consider worn-out enamel sinks and countertops, tile with deeply stained grout lines, wood cabinets with years of smudgy grime around the handles, and faded linoleum flooring with deep-set dirt. Cleaning new surfaces often requires far less effort.

4. You do not have enough storage or prep space.

Even if your kitchen was updated at some point, the changes were often limited to a facelift, which is probably looking a little dated now. In most cases, a lack of square footage is not an issue. You may have dozens of cabinets and drawers that are poorly designed and do not provide adequate, organized storage for your cooking equipment and small appliances. It is amazing what a fresh, well-planned redesign can accomplish! Even if you are not the biggest foodie on the block, you will need enough space to store your groceries and prepare your meals. Unfortunately, many kitchens simply do not have enough counter and cabinet space. And the space that is available is frequently inefficiently laid out, making cooking difficult.

5. Your requirements have shifted.

Needs change, and sometimes houses must change with them. The addition of children to a family, or their departure from the home, frequently necessitates the need to redesign a kitchen. The kitchen that was fine before you had children may now drive you insane. Perhaps you are looking for a more inviting space to entertain now that your children have left for college.