We all tend to go through stress, anxiety and related mood swings. For some of us it is not that much of a deal but for some it is more than we can anticipate. We all experience various types of losses or rejections at some point in our life like job rejections, relationship issues, personal loss etc. People usually come back to reality after such losses but some people require additional help to do so and that is where a psychologist steps in. A psychologist is a person who helps you face your problems and get over it with the help of certain therapies.

Though living in the 21st era people still make visiting a therapist for mental reasons a huge deal. But that should not stop anyone from seeking help. Be open about your needs and if you need help and then go ask for it. Especially in these times of Covid-19 mental health of most of the people have messed up because many of us are going through really hard times. The way physical health is given due importance similarly mental health is also pivotal. In fact a sound mind and a healthy body is what makes a person totally healthy and happy. Looking after your mental health is no sin, asking for additional help is no sin and looking after your loved ones mental health is also no sin at all. Learning to be open about your needs and requirements and taking care of your body is extremely crucial. If your body is giving you certain signs regarding the help you need then do not ignore those signs and do not be embarrassed to consult a psychologist.

Below given are some signs that you need to see a psychologist:

You are experiencing a mix of emotions:

  • It is okay to feel sad or low sometimes but feeling angry, frustrated or irritated all the time is a sign that you need to see a psychologist.
  • Sometimes even the things you love doing no longer gives you happiness, it rather appears irritating to you. Whenever you see yourself experiencing such heightened emotions all the time then do not take it lightly at all, in fact resort for immediate help.

You are under performing at everything:

  • Not being able to pull off the task assigned to you is acceptable for once but not being able to perform to your best ability at each and every task assigned to you is a matter of concern.
  • Whenever you notice yourself under performing be it at school or work then properly it is a sign that you need help and consulting a psychologist is a best option for that.

You feel difficult to talk to others about your problems:

  • They say a partner, a family member or a friend is a perfect companion to lean your head on and discuss all about your problems. They understand you completely without judging you at any point.
  • But if you feel it is difficult to talk to others about your problems then it is time you consider a psychologist. Looking after your mental health and seeking help whenever required should be normalised.