Flying is never easy, especially if you have a newborn or a toddler with you. Thus parents need all the possible help while traveling with a baby.

Flying light, packing necessary items like baby wipes and diapers, parents require a set of tips and checklists to follow before boarding a flight.

Here, we have curated a list of 6 easy tips to keep in mind while flying with your baby.

6 Tips For Flying With Babies

  1. Keep Your Baby Distracted

One of the most important tips while flying with a baby is to keep them distracted during the flight, especially takeoff. Normally, babies get scared of the change in altitude and tend to cry in such situations.

Thus, it is important to keep them calm and distracted while flying. It would be a nice idea to keep them occupied with their favorite toys, games, and other items to ensure they remain stress-free and occupied. You can also put them to sleep if possible, this way, you can easily avoid stressing them out throughout the flight.

  1. Look For Aisle Front Row Seats

While flying, we suggest getting the front row seats on the aisle. Aisle seats ensure that you have more space to move and you do not have to disturb other passengers while making trips to the bathroom.

Also, front row seats ensure that you are closer to the bathroom and can get in as and when necessary. You might also get baby bassinets in the front rows, so make sure to check them out while booking your tickets.

  1. Ensure Your Baby Is Allowed To Travel

Ensure that the airlines have a policy to onboard toddlers and infants. Some airlines do not allow babies under 12 months to travel, while some might make exceptions. Be sure to call and double-check with the airlines before getting tickets for your family.

  1. Travel With Minimum Baby Gear

Keep it light when traveling with your baby, as you will not only be carrying your little one but also will be dragging several pieces of unnecessary luggage.

We suggest traveling light with a few natural baby wipes, diapers, disposable bags, and their baby formula, besides some toys.

  • Rent Baby Equipment for Travel

To alleviate your load in the airport and to stay away from stuff charges, consider renting baby travel gear. You can have car seats, high chairs, cribs, and more delivered to your airport, grandmother’s home or hotel. This service is accessible in locations all throughout the world for traveling families.

  1. Strap Your Baby

Strapping your baby is another foolproof way to travel comfortably. Not only will your hands be free to deal with luggage, but your baby will also feel safer being close to you. This method will also release you from the hassle of taking a stroller – you can easily move around, walk up and down the stairs, and be faster on your feet.

While wearing your baby is not comfortable for everyone, you can give it a try. You should also ensure your baby is secure and comfortable in the carrier.

  1. Travel With Moderate Number Of Diapers

While flying, you do not need an innumerable number of baby diapers for constantly changing. Just take 5-6 natural baby diapers like Bamboo Natural Diapers from Little Toes while traveling and you are good to go. Not only are they natural and soft for your baby’s skin, but they are also great with absorption. Thus you would not need to keep changing them every hour. 

  • Always Keep Babies Medication with you

Make sure you pack the prescription and medicines in your carry-on bag. Avoid carrying liquid medications as they are exempted while air travel. Make sure to keep the medicines in their original packaging so they are easily recognizable. 


While flying with a baby is difficult, it can be slightly easier if you are prepared in the right way. Stocking up a few items, traveling light, and taking some other necessary measures are important to ensure an easier flying experience for you and your little one. We hope the above-mentioned tips help you be prepared properly before flying with your baby.

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