Six Things to Know Before You Rent an Apartment


There are numerous rental agencies in all parts of the country that promise great deals and lower prices on specific apartments, but you should be careful about what you buy. If you don’t do your homework, you could get an apartment that turns out to be even worse than you thought. Kris Thorkelson Owner and Thomas Haughton Vice President of My Place Realty, a Winnipeg based real estate company working with a vision to not only provide quality houses and apartments to residents but also to integrate the business within the community and find ways that it could support and sustain it. The following are the six to know before renting an apartment.

Know The Number of Bedrooms:

First, you need to find out how many bedrooms there are in the apartment. This is something that you will want to know, even if you don’t think it is essential. Make sure that you pay attention to the number of bedrooms. It would help if you considered this when you are considering a bedroom-full apartment. It’s not so crucial that you will forget about it, but it should be something that you think as you decide which apartment to rent.

Look For Bigger Space If You Live With a Family:

Second, if you have a large family, you may need to find a more significant size room. For some people, who want a larger family or have a large extended family, they are willing to pay more for an apartment. Some people aren’t and are ready to accept less since they are not in a hurry to move. However, if you’re planning to live with children, your need to have a bigger space, and it is going to be relevant to you.

Clarity about Rent:

Third, ask the landlord what the rents will be in the apartment. You should also make sure that you know what they are willing to offer for security deposits. They will probably be non-refundable, so you should be able to find out what this amount is. Having clarity will allow you to make sure that you are getting what you are paying.

Know About the Pet Policies:

Fourth, if you have a pet, you should know the kind of pet policy. You will want to find out whether you can keep your pet, but there will probably be restrictions on what you can do with the pet. If you have an animal that you will need to continue, you should find out how long it is allowed to stay in the apartment. Usually, the pet owner has to sign a form that states that the pet will be there.

Know the Noise Rules:

Fifth, find out if there are any rules about noise and what kind of noise the apartment is allowed to produce, depending on the city code. You should look into this as well. If you find out that the rules are stringent, you might not want to stay in the apartment.

Look for the Lease:

Sixth, check the term of the lease. Many of these apartments is kept for a short period. Therefore, it would be a bad idea to live in one that you are just going to be staying in for a few months.


You might need to check on the house itself, to make sure that it is up to your standards. It would help if you did some checking on how old the property is, and how well it is maintained. Also, you will want to check the zoning laws in the neighborhood to ensure that you will have a yard in the front of the home that is acceptable to the neighbors.

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